March Technical Seminar

When:  Mar 16, 2023 from 17:45 to 19:00 (MT)
Associated with  Albuquerque Section

Join us this Thursday for our March Technical Seminar! We have two speakers presenting their recent work on hypersonic wind tunnel characterization:

Dr. Elijah Jans is presenting "Characterizing freestream thermochemistry in the Sandia Hypersonic Shock Tunnel." Dr. Jans is a post-doc at Sandia National Laboratories, working with Sandia’s Hypersonic Shock Tunnel. His primary area of research is development of laser diagnostics to study thermochemistry and kinetics of hypersonic flows, energetic environments, and plasma systems. Currently, his research involves the implementation of pulse-burst laser diagnostics, such laser-induced fluorescence and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering as well as high-speed laser absorption techniques.

Mr. Alexander Snyder is presenting "Thermal Modeling of Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Heater Using Low-Fidelity Fluid Model." Mr. Snyder received both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from The University of Tennessee Chattanooga in Mechanical Engineering. During his time at U.T.C., he performed CFD analysis using NASA codes FUN3D and Cart3D on the BAM6QT (hypersonic wind tunnel) that is located at Purdue University. He currently is working at Sandia National Laboratories as a thermal and structural analyst.


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Kyle Lynch