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[WoAA Board] Ask WoAA

  • 1.  [WoAA Board] Ask WoAA

    Posted 22 Apr, 2020 12:30
    Have a question about WoAA?  This is the best place to ask questions about WoAA.  WoAA board members will do our best to respond promptly to this thread! ​

    2020 WoAA Board

  • 2.  RE: [WoAA Board] Ask WoAA

    Posted 18 Sep, 2020 21:52

    I wanted to ask about the interactions between WoAA chapters, AIAA student branches, and SWE chapters on university campuses. A student of mine ask about how one could start a WoAA chapter. Beyond the paperwork required to start a student group, I can see the intersections between the three groups. How do the three groups typically interact on a campus? Is there friction, or do the three co-sponsor a lot of activities?

    Thank you

    Gabe Xu, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    University of Alabama in Huntsville
    Huntsville AL

  • 3.  RE: [WoAA Board] Ask WoAA

    Posted 20 Sep, 2020 20:14
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    We don't mandate any specific events or group structures, but we highly encourage all of our WoAA chapters to interact with AIAA and other groups, such as SWE. We have monthly meetings with members from each chapter, so that groups can share ideas with one another. Some of our chapters work with AIAA, SWE, and other engineering organizations in the following ways: 
    • The Colorado School of Mines didn't have enough students that they felt comfortable making an entirely separate group, so the AIAA and WoAA chapters are the same student group. AIAA has a board position dedicated to WoAA, and all events are open to members of AIAA and WoAA.
    • The University of Maryland, College Park has separate AIAA and WoAA student groups, but they support one another. Leaders of both organizations coordinate their calendars so that larger events don't overlap, and AIAA helps to provide volunteers for WoAA's largest outreach event, while WoAA encourages its members to attend AIAA meetings. Once per semester, the AIAA, WoAA, and SGT student groups also work together to host a social event for everyone in the department. 
    • The University of Michigan WoAA group holds social events with other engineering groups, particularly those focused on diversity, a few times per semester. This opens up communication between members of both groups to allow for future collaboration for events such as joint info sessions with different companies.
    • The MIT WoAA chapter works with other student groups, including AIAA, to have a few joint events each year. They also provide representatives to MIT-wide student organizations to advocate for more broad institute changes. In addition, the WoAA group sends students to the SWE conference every fall.
    In general, all of the WoAA chapters are very interested in collaborating with other groups on campus and in the community, and this collaboration has been beneficial for both AIAA and WoAA branches in growing the number of active members who regularly attend events. I hope this answers your questions - please feel free to reach out if you'd like more information!

    Rosemary Davidson
    WoAA Secretary


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