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[WoAA Board] Question of the Week 2020.4.23

  • 1.  [WoAA Board] Question of the Week 2020.4.23

    Posted 22 Apr, 2020 13:06
    Edited by Alexandra Straub 30 Apr, 2020 11:25
    How has COVID-19 affected your future plans?  Let us know how COVID-19 is affecting your life and if we can connect you to other WoAA members for support.

    2020 WoAA Board

  • 2.  RE: [WoAA Board] Question of the Week 2020.4.23

    Posted 28 Apr, 2020 13:32

    I read about how USAFA and ERAU, two of the schools providing my formal education, sent everyone home to learn online.  For those who haven't had online learning as part of their education, I'm sure the experience has been quite shocking.  All my formal education was in person.  When I've participated in informal online learning I've found it hard to work through it to completion of the course.  I imagine it may also be quite challenging for those who went home to live with family after being away.

    As a defense contractor working at a base, I was sent home to telecommute and have the extra rules of the base as well as the CA governor and local officials.  I've used my former commute time to increase my interest and focus on my exercise program which includes yoga and walking.

    I wish everyone well for however long this lasts.

    Christine Visco
    Rosamond CA

  • 3.  RE: [WoAA Board] Question of the Week 2020.4.23

    Posted 29 Apr, 2020 19:35
    Edited by Julia Di 30 Apr, 2020 11:25

    Hi Christine,

    Alex is also an alum of USAFA! Nice to see AF representation here in WoAA. I wish you well for however long this lasts as well. 

    I'm currently in school, and online learning has - as you've predicted - affected my motivation as well. But staying at home has also made my work day more flexible, which is nice. I'm glad you have found time to practice yoga and do some walking amidst the quarantine orders.


    Julia Di

    2020 WoAA Vice-Chair

  • 4.  RE: [WoAA Board] Question of the Week 2020.4.23

    Posted 30 Apr, 2020 11:22

    Hi Christine,

    Like Julia mentioned I graduated from USAFA in 2018! I'm currently down at Eglin as a 62.  Definitely weird to be working from home right now.  I'm currently finishing my Master's remotely before starting my next assignment.  Also trying to stay social through Zoom and getting outside while the weather is still nice.

    Thanks for engaging with WoAA!  

    Alexandra Straub
    Fort Walton Beach FL