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AIAA Aviation Forum Day 1 Notes - What did you miss?

  • 1.  AIAA Aviation Forum Day 1 Notes - What did you miss?

    Posted 15 Jun, 2020 17:35
    Edited by Luci Blodgett 15 Jun, 2020 17:42
    Forum Theme: We Get You Here, There and Now Everywhere
    Day 1 Theme: Product Lifecycle

    Well. That was different. All of the sessions that I participated in – plenary, Forum 360, The Hub, and about 5 technical sessions – went off smoothly. At least from the conference attendee perspective, the technology behind the virtual conference seemed to work as anticipated. For those of you primarily participating in the technical sessions, I trust that you were able to successfully watch the paper presentations before the discussion and Q&A sessions. Please do let the AIAA staff, either through the post-Forum survey, or in real-time, about your experience – be it good, bad or neutral. Certainly part of the magic of an AIAA Forum, and a reason that we continue to attend, is the energy and motivation that we derive from each other through our interaction and personal contacts. Under our present circumstances, the virtual conference will suffice with hopes that we'll be back together, just as soon as we get the go-ahead from our health and public safety professionals that it is safe to do so.

    Day 1 Top Three Take-Aways:
    1) There is a "Cycle of Respect" in an aerospace product lifecycle: When engineers design with manufacturability in mind, when the manufacturing operation prioritizes worker safety, this is the basis of trust amongst the people in all facets of product development and leads to your customers showing their respect by purchasing your products. - from Walt Odisho, the Vice President & General Manager - Manufacturing, Safety & Quality, 737 Program and Renton Site for Boeing Commercial Airplanes
    2) In thinking about the sustainable product lifecycle, there are numerous opportunities in this industry - for future air vehicles, in global growth, in minimizing aviation's environmental footprint, in reducing the aircraft development cycle, in increasing production rates, and in the development of supply chain resiliency and sustainability – from Parimal Kopardekar, Director of the National Aeronautics Research Institute, NASA Ames Research Center
    3) The qualification/certification process is biggest challenge to adopting new technologies in aerospace. When introducing new technologies into aerospace products, we can only move as fast as the industry is ready to receive these new technologies. Aviation, because of its safety culture is and needs to be risk averse. Since our processes has to be validated, what is the next generation of validation processes and method? For example, can a validated process be sent directly to machine? – from Karl Hutter, President and CEO, Click Bond and Eric Barnes, Additive Manufacturing and Emerging Programs Fellow, Northrop Grumman

    Quote of the Day: When thinking about cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats, what are the most dangerous - what is really bad but not likely to happen and what is the most likely - what is not quite so bad, but it happens every day. Although we fixate on the former, we need to concentrate on the latter. - Steve Luczynski - CISO T-Rex Solutions speaking in "the Hub" on the topic of New Approaches to Aviation Cybersecurity

    Thomas B. (Tom) Irvine
    TBI Aerospace Consulting LLC
    Cedar, MI

  • 2.  RE: AIAA Aviation Forum Day 1 Notes - What did you miss?

    Posted 15 Jun, 2020 21:53
    Nice summary Tom. Thanks to you and the rest of the staff for making this work!


    John Blanton
    Owner and Chief Engineer
    Classic Engineering, LLC
    Simpsonville SC
    (864) 382-0626

  • 3.  RE: AIAA Aviation Forum Day 1 Notes - What did you miss?

    Posted 18 Jun, 2020 18:41
    Thanks John. Hope you're staying healthy and out of trouble. -Tom

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  • 4.  RE: AIAA Aviation Forum Day 1 Notes - What did you miss?

    Posted 16 Jun, 2020 12:26
    Thank you Tom! Nice summary! How is it experiencing a Forum on the lake?

    Daniel Dumbacher
    Executive Director, AIAA
    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Potomac MD