request for cybersecurity assistance

  • 1.  request for cybersecurity assistance

    Posted 3 days ago

    I am the chairperson of AIAA Aerospace Cybersecurity Working Group (ACWG) under Information Systems Group (ISG).

    We are looking forward to working with Region 3 in cyber-related areas. We like to address the cybersecurity issues related to the different domains of Region 3.  If not already identified, we like to have multiple liaisons from Region 3 who can help us understand and address cyber related issues from Region 3's perspective. We are building cyber tutorials, presenting technical and position papers, and creating cyber awareness among the aerospace community and AIAA members.  Input from Region 3 is important for us.  We have a Cybersecurity Program Manager from AIAA who helps us in our engagements.  We would also appreciate if you kindly forward this email to the Region 3.

    ACWG is an active working group with 100+ members from different domains within AIAA and outside AIAA. Aerospace Cybersecurity is one of key areas focused at AIAA.  We invite you and Region 3 to actively participate in ACWG.

    Sam Adhikari
    Chair, AIAA Cybersecurity Working Group(ACWG)

    Donald Rizzetta
    Sr Research Aerospace Engineer
    Dayton OH