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Software Engineer/Computer Science Mentor Request for High School Student

  • 1.  Software Engineer/Computer Science Mentor Request for High School Student

    Posted 30 Nov, 2022 20:57
    Good evening, all!

    Any software engineers/computer scientists here (or any colleagues that you know of) open to mentoring a high school student between 1/16/23-4/24/23? 
    I have been a mentor for this particular program for 3 non-consecutive years and have found a lot of gratification in facilitating high school students' opportunities to learn new STEM-related knowledge and skills. I received the following request, but I will be unavailable this time around. If you are available and interested, I'll make an e-mail introduction. Thank you for the consideration:
    My name is Haris Malik, and I am a junior at Clear Horizons Early College High School, a Clear Creek ISD high school located on the San Jacinto College South campus. As part of my accelerated program, I have been given the opportunity to complete a mentorship in my career field of interest. For this mentorship, I am required to shadow a professional for three hours a week from the week of January 16 through the week of April 24. I am interested in the field of Computer Science. I want to speak to you further regarding a possible mentorship and to give you more detailed information about our program. Please let me know when a convenient time would be to contact you. Thank you for your time in advance.

    Irene Chan
    ISS Flight Planning
    Summit Technologies & Solutions, Inc.
    Houston TX