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Orbital Spaceflight Data Survey

  • 1.  Orbital Spaceflight Data Survey

    Posted 24 Oct, 2020 05:11

    Hi all,

    I would gratefully appreciate if you would try this survey.
    It's for a recent award sponsored by Nasa/Usgs/Noaa for a project presentation I gave at an information science meeting.
    Target audience is users of orbital data, including orbital debris.
    Your help will allow me to provide some input to a January presentation.

    Thank you kindly.


    P.S. Please contact me if you're interested in the associated project. (I'm actively searching for formal collaborations, or a study opportunity as a phd student, globally).

    Robert Rovetto
    Open to study and work opportunities, worldwide.
    Research Affiliate, Center for Orbital Debris Education & Research, Univ.MD;
    NASA Datanauts Open Data Initiative.
    Service includes in: AIAA, IAF, ISO, misc.
    Modeler - Ontology, Terminology, Taxonomy