(March 27, 2021) The 3rd AIAA LA-LV Space Architecture Gathering

When:  Mar 27, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM (PT)
Associated with  Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section
RSVP and Information: https://conta.cc/3e0r1Bh
Saturday, March 27, 2021
10 AM PDT (GMT -7)

Welcome and Opening by

Dr. Dan Dumbacher

(AIAA Executive Director)

led and moderated by

Prof. Madhu Thangavelu

USC Astronautical Engineering Department and USC School of Architecture

Disclaimer: The views of the speakers do not represent the view of AIAA or the AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section.

3rd International AIAA LA-LV Space Architecture Gathering
Saturday March 27th, 2021, 10:00am-3:00pm (Add to Calendar)
Pacific Daylight Time PDT (GMT -7)(Los Angeles, US, and Canada)
Space Architects are involved in proposing visions and a variety of concepts for habitation in extreme environments that include human space activity, especially for near term missions. Preintegrated, deployable, erectable and hybrid structures that use local resources are sought. Visions range from habitats in Earth Orbit, on the Moon, Mars and in cislunar space.

Here on Earth, several simulations have provided insight into crew needs and behavior and many more are planned or in various stages of development. Out of these missions, exercises and proposals are also born energy and resource conscious designs for immediate applications on Earth, in specialized facilities and in our smart cities, and dwellings.

This international gathering of space architects will present some visions and projects being contemplated for both space and Earth applications.

Event will conclude with a panel discussion.

Tentative Agenda Space Architecture Gathering for Saturday March 27th, 2021

(Note: Pacific Daylight Time=PDT (GMT-0700))

Let us go from Earth orbit to Moon to Mars and then Simulators!

10:00 AM PDT – Welcome (Dr. Dan Dumbacher, AIAA Executive Director)

10:15 AM PDT: Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (USC) (Moderator, Welcome, Keynote)

10:30 AM PDT: Prof. Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger - Space Habitats and Habitability, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

10:45 AM PDT: Mr. Vittorio Netti - Human-Robot Collaboration as an Enabler of Scalable Human Presence in Space, SICSA and Politecnico di Milano, Italy

11:00 AM PDT: Prof. Behrokh (Berok) Khoshnevis - Planetary Construction and In-Space Fabrication using Large-Scale 3D printing, Contour Crafting Corporation, CA

11:15 AM PDTMr. John Mankins(TBD), Mankins Space Technology, Inc.

11:30 AM PDT: Ms. R.Pailes-Friedman, Mr. M.Morris, and Ms. Christina Ciardullo - Lunar Lantern & Landing Pad, SEArch+ Architects

11:45 AM PDT: Mr. Rodrigo Romo, Basalt Sintering for ISRU Applications, Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES), Hawaii

12:00 PM PDT: Mr. Daniel Inocente, Advancing Architecture, Integrated Tectonics, Senior Designer, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York

12:15 PM PDT: Mr. Giuseppe Calabrese, Urban farming for extreme environment on Mars, Sydney, Australia

12:30 PM PDT: Mr. Jim Rhoné, Building Bioregenerative Worlds, Interstellar Lab, Paris

12:45 PM PDT: Ms. Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi – Greenhouse for Partial Gravity: Architecture and Systems Approaches, Independent Space Habitats and Greenhouses Designer, Houston

01:00 PM PDT: Mr. Philip Sadler, Lunar/Mars Greenhouse, Sadler Machine Co. & University of Arizona

01:15 PM PDT: Ms. Mirha Vlahovljak, HiveMars: Design of a Hybrid-class, scalable Settlement on the Martian Surface, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

01:30 PM PDT: Prof. Michael Fox,  A Brief Overview of the CPP NASA X-Hab, CalPoly Pomona, CA.

01:45 PM PDT: Mr. Xavier de Kestelier, The Value of Design: Mars Habitat, Hassell Architects, FL

02:00 PM PDT: Mr. Sebastian Frederiksen, LUNARK - 100 days Lunar analog in an unfolding habitat in the arctic, SAGA Space Architects, Denmark

02:15 PM PDT: Prof. Pablo de Leon, Planetary Habitat Analogs at the University of North Dakota, University of North Dakota

02:30 PM PDT Mr. Kriss J. Kennedy, Architect. A Vision of the Future: Built-in-Place Architectures, USS, Inc / TECHNE' Architects LLC., Houston

02:45 PM PDT: Discussion

03:30 PM PDT: Adjourn

Dan Dumbacher photo.jpg

Dr. Dan Dumbacher

AIAA Executive Director


Prof. Madhu Thangavelu



Prof. Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger

Vienna University of Technology

Dr Behrokh Khoshnevis.jpg

Prof. Behrokh Khoshnevis

Contour Crafting Corporation


Mr. Vittorio Netti

SICSA and Politecnico di Milano

2017 Portrait Mr Rodrigo Romo.png

Mr. Rodrigo Romo


Daniel Inocente square.JPG

Mr. Daniel Inocente

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Giuseppe Calabrese_1_.jpg

Mr. Giuseppe Calabrese

Sydney, Australia

InterstellarLab_Jim Rhon__Portrait_ smaller.png

Mr. Jim Rhoné

Interstellar Lab

Mahsa Esfand 03.jpg

Ms. Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi

Independent Space Architect

Philip Sadler - Copy.png

Mr. Philip Sadler

Sadler Machine Co. & U. Arizona

Mirha Vlahovljak.jpeg

Ms. Mirha Vlahovljak

Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy


Prof. Michael Fox

CalPoly Pomona, CA

Staff Photo_Xavier De Kestelier - face.jpg

Mr. Xavier De Kestelier

International Design Studio Hassell

DeLeon Pablo.jpg

Prof. Pablo de Leon

University of North Dakota


Mr. John Mankins

Mankins Space Technology, Inc.

Saga portraits 13.09.18-4.jpg

Mr. Sebastian Frederiksen

SAGA Space Architects, Denmark

Kriss Kennedy.jpg

Mr. Kriss Kennedy

Techne Architects LLC., Houston

Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (mthangav@usc.edu)
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