(August 14, 2021) AIAA LA-LV Space Philosophy Gathering 2021 !

When:  Aug 14, 2021 from 10:00 to 15:45 (PT)
Associated with  Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section
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AIAA LA-LV Space Philosophy Gathering 2021

August 14, 2021, 10 AM PDT (US & Canada)

Great Philosophies underpin great civilizations. Philosophical thoughts and tenets precede Visions that manifest as Concepts and Architectures that are vital to propel the progress engine for continued sustenance of Civilization.

Space Philosophy shines light on the various dimensions of humanity's quest to interact with Nature's most open, transparent and spacious physical domain; to explore, settle and engage not only our nation or established allies, but to collaborate, find common meaning, and enhance and enrich our common humanity across the globe, for the betterment of all.

Space Philosophy, through what we know from the very short span our species has directly engaged our planet from without, continues to refine our species sensitivity, offering new insight and perspectives into our inextricable links with the biosphere, making us more aware of our place in the Cosmos that we call Mother Earth.

Outer space activities continue to provide unbounded inspiration and nourishment for the soul of humanity through the sheer awe and wonder we experience while our curiosity impels us to pursue ever more complex operations in this domain. By design, Space technologies are very conscious of resources, and space operations continue to pursue ever cleaner, ecologically sensitive, awareness and frugal approaches that are finding their way into dwellings and cities on Earth.

Our esteemed group of speakers and panelists will present various dimensions and points of view on Space Philosophy. Topics covered in this program will include Theology, Origins and Life in the Universe, Space Art and Culture, Space Education, Natural and Societal Law, Space Policy and Politics, Space Activity and the Technological Sublime, Spaceship Earth, Overview Effect and Astronaut Observations(thoughts and feelings) since the dawn of Human Spaceflight.

Tentative Agenda (All Time PDT, Pacific Daylight-Saving Time, US & Canada, GMT-0700)
10:00 AM: Mr. Dan Dumbacher (AIAA Executive Director) - Welcome
10:10 AM: Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (Moderator) – "Introduction to Space Philosophy"
10:30 AM: Mr. Luke Jerram - "Museum of the Moon"
10:45 AM: Dr. Robert Max “Bob” Krone - "The Evolution of Human Factors into Space Philosophy"
11:00 AM: Mark Wagner, Ph.D. - "The Moon Village School: Challenges, Designs, and Expert Feedback"
11:15 AM: Dr. Gennaro Russo, Ph.D. - “The Cislunar City anticipated by the Center for Near Space”
11:30 AM: Prof. Christopher Cokinos - "Engineering the Arts for Space: Developing the Concept of "Mission Laureates"
11:45 AM: Atty. Michelle Hanlon - "Why Protect the Bootprints?"
12:00 PM: Mr. John C. Mankins - "The Space Technological Sublime"
12:15 PM: Dr. David H. Levy - “A Nightwatchman’s Journey: The Road Not taken.”
12:30 PM: Mr. Henk Rogers - "Why are we here? What is our purpose?"
12:45 PM: Ms. Britt Duffy Adkins - "Resisting a Static Space Society: Designing for Adaptability and Transience"
01:00 PM: Ms. Melodie Yashar - "Envisioning A First Peoples"
01:15 PM: Leslie Wickman, Ph.D. - "How the Awe-Response Triggered by Nature Stimulates Exploration"
01:30 PM: Mr. Frank White - "Overview Effect & Cosma Hypothesis"
01:45 PM: Dr. Stan Rosen
02:00 PM: Lawrence (Larry) Downing, DMin - “Beyond Earth: The Human Venture to the New Frontier"
02:15 PM: Dr. Niamh Shaw, "Beyond the Space bubble- the importance of engaging the disengaged"
02:30 PM: (TBD 1)
02:45 PM: (TBD 2)
03:00 PM: Concluding Panel
03:45 PM: Adjourn

Mr. Dan Dumbacher (Opening Speech)
Executive Director, AIAA

"Introduction to Space Philosophy"
Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (Moderator)
Director and Faculty Member, USC / ISU

"The Evolution of Human Factors into Space Philosophy"
Dr. Robert Max “Bob” Krone
Co-Founder and President, Kepler Space Institute
Global Educator, Author, and Consultant

"Overview Effect & Cosma Hypothesis"
Mr. Frank White
Author. Space Philosopher. Consultant.

"The Moon Village School: Challenges, Designs, and Expert Feedback"
Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
ARES Learning (Academy for the Relentless Exploration of Space)

“The Cislunar City anticipated by the Center for Near Space”
Dr. Gennaro Russo, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Director General
Center for Near Space of the Italian Institute for the Future
Co-founder and President, Trans-Tech
Member, International Academy of Astronautics

"Engineering the Arts for Space: Developing the Concept of "Mission Laureates"
Prof. Christopher Cokinos
Professor of English
Affiliated Faculty, Arizona Institutes for Resilience
Affiliated Faculty, Social, Cultural and Critical Theory
Mentor, Carson Scholars program
University of Arizona

"Why Protect the Bootprints?"
Atty. Michelle Hanlon
Co-Director, Center for Air & Space Law, University of Mississippi School of Law
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Space Law
Faculty Advisor, Journal of Drone Law and Policy
President, National Space Society
Co-Founder, For All Moonkind, Inc.

Dr. Stan Rosen
Professor of Program Management at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

"Museum of the Moon"
Mr. Luke Jerram
Installation Artist
Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. 2019
Visiting Fellow Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, University of West of England. 2018

"The Space Technological Sublime"
Mr. John C. Mankins
Founder and President of Mankins Space Technology, Inc.,
President of Artemis Innovation Management Solutions LLC,
Vice President and member of the Board of the Moon Village Association,
A member of the faculty of the online Kepler Space Institute (KSI),
Formerly Chief Technologist for Human Exploration and Development of Space (HEDS) at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“Beyond Earth: The Human Venture to the New Frontier"
Lawrence (Larry) Downing, DMin
Retired after more than 40 years as a parish minister serving Seventh-day Adventist churches on both coasts

“A Nightwatchman’s Journey: The Road Not taken.”
Dr. David H. Levy, Wendee’s Husband
Comet and Asteroid Hunter,
One of the most enthusiastic and famous amateur astronomers of our time 23 comet discoveries,
the most famous being Shoemaker-Levy 9 that collided with Jupiter in 1994
Editor of the web magazine Sky’s Up!
Columnist, Skyward, in the local Vail Voice paper,
Emmy for the documentary Three Minutes to Impact,
Five honorary doctorates in Science and
a PhD which combines astronomy and English Literature

"Why are we here? What is our purpose?"
Mr. Henk Rogers
Chairman PISCES, Founder International MoonBase Alliance

"Resisting a Static Space Society: Designing for Adaptability and Transience"
Ms. Britt Duffy Adkins
First space urban planner and Founder of Celestial Citizen

"Envisioning A First Peoples"
Ms. Melodie Yashar
Design Architect, Technologist, and Researcher
Head of Architecture & Building Performance at ICON, a startup pioneering the future of 3D-printed housing for Earth and space

"How the Awe-Response Triggered by Nature Stimulates Exploration"
Leslie Wickman, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer at Starry Nights, Inc.
Internationally known research scientist, engineering consultant, author and inspirational speaker

"Beyond the Space bubble- the importance of engaging the disengaged"
Niamh Shaw, BE MEngSC PhD
an Irish performer & writer, with two degrees in engineering and a PhD in science.

(2 More Speakers TBD)
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