(September 26, 2020) e-Town Hall Meeting with Dan Adamo (Aquarius) and Tony Davenport (ModelCenter)

When:  Sep 26, 2020 from 10:00 to 14:15 (PT)
Associated with  Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section
RSVP and Information: https://conta.cc/2BwZaaJ

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Saturday, September 26, 2020, 10 AM
Tentative Agenda:
10:05 am: Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane (Welcome, AIAA LA LV)
10:10 am: Dr. Brian Brady (Welcome, SCALACS)
10:15 am: Daniel R. Adamo
12:15 pm: Tony Davenport
02:15 pm: Adjourn

Aquarius, a Reusable Water-Based Interplanetary Human Spaceflight Transport
Daniel R. Adamo
AIAA Distinguished Lecturer
AIAA Associate Fellow
Independent Astrodynamics Consultant
NASA JSC - Retired

ModelCenter: Performing Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) and enabling Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
Tony Davenport
Regional Manager,
Phoenix Integration

Aquarius, a Reusable Water-Based Interplanetary Human Spaceflight Transport
This 1.5-hour lecture reviews major challenges to interplanetary human spaceflight and suggests strategies by which they may be addressed. These strategies include pre-emplaced Earth return consumables at the interplanetary destination, water used as a high-efficiency/high-thrust propellant also serving as crew radiation shielding, and transport servicing in a distant retrograde orbit about the Moon. Applied to a hypothetical transport christened Aquarius, the strategies are shown to enable routine and sustainable roundtrips between Earth and Deimos, the outer moon of Mars. Knowledge gaps pertaining to Aquarius are identified with the intent of motivating changes in current technology roadmaps. After listening to this lecture, anyone with interplanetary human spaceflight interests will be conversant with associated technology issues and plausible means by which they might be resolved.

Mr. Dan Adamo is an astrodynamics consultant focused on space mission trajectory design, operations, and architecture. He works with clients primarily at NASA and in academia.
Until retirement in 2008, Mr. Adamo was employed by United Space Alliance as a trajectory expert, serving as a “front room” flight controller for 60 Space Shuttle missions. Along with console duties during simulations and missions, this job entailed development of trajectory designs, software tools, flight rules, console procedures, and operations concepts. Mr. Adamo began his career at the Perkin-Elmer Corporation where he developed and operated proof-of-concept software for computer-controlled polishing of optical elements. He has degrees in Physical Sciences and Optical Engineering from the University of Houston and the University of Rochester, respectively.

Mr. Adamo is an AIAA Associate Fellow and the author of many publications (ref. http://www.aiaahouston.org/adamo_astrodynamics/). He has received numerous awards, including 14 NASA Group Achievement Awards.

ModelCenter: Performing Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) and enabling Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
This presentation will introduce and expand on concepts in Multi-Disciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimization (MDAO). Over the last 25 years, major aerospace companies utilized ModelCenter to make decisions and exceed their customer’s requirements. By automating and integrating discipline based mission, system, analytical, and cost solutions together to create a workflow, ModelCenter allows engineers to create tremendous improvements in price per performance while reducing risk on a project. Once the workflow is created, anyone in the organization’s digital thread can use sensitivity, design of experiments, optimization and risk/reliability algorithms to digitally test and improve all aspects of the design. Workflows can be created across the organizations desktops, HPC, cloud, and in a hybrid environment. By attending this 1.5 presentation, you will learn MDAO concepts and how many aerospace companies are utilizing this capability today.

Tony Davenport, Regional Manager, Phoenix Integration

After performing analytical engineering for 10 years at various engineering firms including EDS, Westinghouse, and Northrop Grumman, Tony spent the next 15 years helping many aerospace and defense companies optimize their CAE processes as an engineering business consultant. Tony joined Phoenix in 2016 to manage our sales activity for the US East Region, bringing significant knowledge and experience of engineering simulation tools gathered over his many years with MSC and ESI Group. He was appointed US Regional Manager in 2018 and overseas the sales organization to build positive and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Tony holds a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland.


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