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Q2 2023 Update from AIAA NCS

  • 1.  Q2 2023 Update from AIAA NCS

    Posted 25 May, 2023 17:55

    AIAA NCSers, here's your Q2 update! If you have any questions or would like to get more involved, please reach out to your Section leadership at

    Join us for SPACEBALL!

    Join NCS and the DC Space Community for the 9th annual Spaceball at Nationals Park! At 4:05PM on Wednesday, June 21st, the Nationals take on St. Louis. No suits, no name tags, no speeches, just fun! Festivities begin at 2:30PM behind the outfield scoreboard and continue at 7ish at Dacha Beer Garden after the game.

    Let's take an afternoon to appreciate how lucky we are to be in such a dynamic industry with people who are passionate about the opportunity of space. Last year, nearly 1300 of us shared a great afternoon of camaraderie and baseball together.  Barely anyone recalls who won the game, but everyone recalled a great time. Let's do it again!

    Tickets are $20 and are first come, first serve, but sales end June 10th. All tickets this year will be electronic and will require the MLB Ballpark app to access the tickets. Please send RSVPs with number of tickets you'd like to and tell them AIAA NCS sent you!

    STEM Volunteer Events

    A big AIAA THANK YOU to all of our great volunteers who judged local science fairs and/or participated in the Students to Launch event last weekend. Stay tuned for more opportunities to volunteer in our area.

    AIAA Annual Awards

    AIAA NCS would like to congratulate our esteemed 2023 Fellows:

    • Charles Bolden, for superlative service to the U.S. defense, aeronautics, and space exploration enterprises through personal dedication and lifelong passion, building a better future for everyone.
    • Rodney Makoske, for a unique impact on the profession of engineering, delivering technical program excellence and leading a diverse, highly-skilled workforce.
    • Pamela MelroyFor extraordinary contributions to the aerospace profession in the United States and internationally through military and civilian service, spaceflight, engineering, and research excellence.
    • Michael E. WhiteFor sustained technical excellence and national leadership in the field of hypersonics for both offensive and defensive weapon systems.
    • Thomas ZurbuchenFor exceptional leadership and innovative mission management, and for successfully planning and executing the NASA Science mission portfolio leading to unprecedented science.

    AIAA NCS would like to congratulate 2023 Associate Fellows:

    • Jeffrey T. ChambersFor outstanding engineering and scientific contributions in the field of advanced composites and aerospace vehicle design and analysis.
    • Clinton Church, For outstanding engineering contributions in the field of UAV technology development, advanced aerospace vehicle structures, and prototyping.
    • Peng Wei, For major contributions in developing novel artificial intelligence solutions for aviation and air transportation, especially in urban air mobility and UAS traffic management systems.

    AIAA NCS would like to congratulate other amazing awards in our section this year:

    • Dr John Langford, 2023 AIAA Reed Aeronautics Award
    • Dr Inderjit Chopra, 2023 AIAA Walter J. and Angeline H. Crichlow Trust Prize
    • Dr Balakumar Balachandran, 2023 AIAA Pendray Aerospace Literature Award
    • Dr Brian Bojko, 2021 AIAA Propellants and Combustion Best Paper

    Finally, AIAA NCS thanks and congratulates the following members who have been part of AIAA for more than 50 years! Your contributions have made and continue to make AIAA what it is today, thank you!

    80+ Years of Membership

    • Richard A Schmidt
    • Dr Joseph V Charyk

    75+ Years of Membership

    • Donald W Ellison
    • COL Dan J Gareri

    70+ Years of Membership

    • George R Huson
    • COL Joaquin A Saavedra
    • Bernard B Chew
    • John H Enders
    • James J Rast
    • Lloyd H Johnson
    • Dr Harvey R Chaplin
    • Dr Mario W Cardullo
    • Albert J Evans
    • Lawrence C Baldwin
    • Dr Walter L Melnik
    • Francis J Readdy

    65+ Years of Membership

    • John H Grover
    • Mr. Emerson W Smith
    • Mr. Ray F Siewert
    • William D Looney
    • Henry T Gawrylowicz
    • Mr. Fred D Wood
    • Harold B Finger
    • Dr James G Berry
    • Dr Frederick L Schuyler
    • Robert J Polutchko
    • Lewis D Eckard
    • Richard Hartke
    • Dr William C Ragsdale
    • Dr Bernard Paiewonsky
    • Mr. Stanley B Kottock
    • Ramon L Chase
    • Mr. Theodore H Wenglinski
    • Bernard A Free
    • Mr. John G Roukis
    • James W Dwyer
    • Dr Marshall H Kaplan
    • Dr Herman A Rediess
    • Philip B Hemmig
    • COL George B Hanson

    60+ Years of Membership

    • Dr John D Anderson
    • Dr Donald M Dix
    • Mr. Howard L Wesoky
    • Dr Arnold E Seigel
    • Dr Woodward Waesche
    • Dr Gary D Gordon
    • William W Dorsey
    • Dr James O Cappellari
    • Dr Peter M Bainum
    • Dr Robert G Shaver
    • Dr Russell D Shaver, III
    • Thomas V Garceau
    • Dr Roy E Reichenbach
    • Dr Howard A MacEwen
    • Robert L Gurtler
    • Dr Stephen P Maran
    • Mr Stephan F Hooker
    • Dr Leonard H Caveny
    • Lionel Pasiuk
    • Mr. Toivo Tagamets
    • Mr. James F Gibson
    • Dr Peter P Ostrowski
    • Mr. Norman R Augustine

    55+ Years of Membership

    • Dr Tse-Fou Zien
    • Mr Archie Gold
    • Dr William J Breedlove, Jr
    • Mr. Fred B Petty, Jr.
    • Robert K Moribe
    • Mr. Saul L Penn
    • Carl C Schade, II
    • Mr. John P Millard
    • Dr P Kenneth Seidelmann
    • Mr Bruce Cranford, PE
    • Dr Early H Losey
    • HON Paul G Kaminski
    • Dr S William Gouse
    • Jon L Gross
    • Sidney Koslow
    • Dr Ramlala P Sinha
    • Dr Denis J Curtin

    50+ Years of Membership

    • Robert C Moore
    • William C Fuchs
    • Dr William A Reupke
    • Dr William J Webster
    • Dr George A Hazelrigg, Jr
    • Mr. Miller D Einsel
    • Dr John M Le Nard
    • CAPT Frank L Culbertson
    • John E O`Pray
    • Dr Karungulam N Parthasarathy


    Michael Barton
    NCS Secretary
    a.i. solutions, Inc.
    Washington DC