Mr Donald Bagwell


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Mr. Bagwell serves as chief science advisor (specializing in wake vortex research) for I2M Systems Inc. Before joining I2M Mr. Bagwell served as a systems and software engineer at Nasa Langley. Mr. Bagwell worked on projects such as AVOSS, where he served as lead software engineer, tasked with developing all data visualization for the Nasa component of the project and overseeing data structure development with other contractors involved in the project., (receiving the turning goals into reality along with Dr. Toutov). He also served as a Nasa Representative working with the European counterparts (Germany, France, Australia) in developing wake data collection programs in support of European model development for comparison and validation with the Nasa Fast-Time suite of vortex models. Other projects where he served as Nasa Team Lead, includes development and deployment of WTMD at IAH, and STL and in 2013 a 2-year data collection effort at Memphis International Airport which consisted of a data collection campaign for meteorological and wake data to provide further enhancements to fast-time vortex prediction models.