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PR4 2JA.
Telephone:- land line:- 01772 383694: or mobile:- 07512177107.
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Innovative professional and experienced Concept Research Design Development Engineer, with two MSc degrees: - Advanced Manufacturing technology (1998 full-time), and Aircraft Engineering (2007 part-time), C. Eng. awarded in 2006. I have and 39 years in aerospace concept design, structural analysis and test, in composites and metallic mixed materials structures, as well as manufacturing processes and materials behaviour.

Most recently I have worked on concept design to design for manufacture solutions for:- wing, empennage: main landing gear / nose landing gear / control surface integration: and propulsion integration: and fuselage design as well as manufacturing trade studies for new airframes, currently for a concept Commercial transport, and previously for military aircraft and UAV’s, as a senior design engineer leading small intergraded product teams, and interfacing with customers at all levels from requirements capture to delivery, producing and delivering presentations at PDR and CDR level on time and to cost.

Currently I am working on a research study of the application of PRSEUS trough thickness CFC reinforcement technology to commercial tube and wing aircraft layout this is my Advanced Technology Demonstrator Aircraft, Design Project using my own licensed Catia V5.R20 and NASTRAN/PATRAN toolsets, presenting to peer reviews by the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, and as PhD project core part time though the OU. Updates are published on my Linked In account URL: -


  • Catia V5.R10 to R.20:- Model Based Engineering (MBE): Composite CPE / CPM drape analysis, producibility analysis: Metallics component and tooling: Machining Simulation: Generative Structural Analysis: and Kinematics. (Presentations of my capability studies are on my LinkedIn profile): As well as Catia V4 versions for solids and 2-D production drawing.

  •  NASTRAN / PATRAN Structural analysis FEA toolset, for analysis of composite and metallic structures.

  •  Team Centre PDM: ENOVIA smart team: and Metaphase PDM.

  •  MS Project 200, project planning and management toolset.

  •  MS Office 2010, presentation, report writing, and data analysis toolset.

  •  Composites materials properties, behaviour, compatibility, processing, and component manufacturing technologies e.g. Resin Transfer Moulding (VRTM), Resin Infusion Moulding, and Trough Thickness Reinforcement (Stitching, and Z-pining) advantages and limitations.


MSc Aircraft Engineering: - Collage of Aeronautics / School of Engineering Cranfield University UK. Part-time BAE Systems sponsored 2003-2006, graduated 2007. Modules undertaken and passed (highest mark 93%):- Concept Aerospace Design: Catia Computer Aided Design: Major Airframe Component Design and Structural Layout: Computer Integrated Design: Composite Manufacturing: Composite Engineering: Finite Element Analysis: Detail Design and Detail Stressing: Fatigue and Damage Tolerance: JAR/AC design: Performance and Propulsion: Individual Research Project:- Advanced Interdiction Aircraft (Concept to Preliminary Design and detail structural layout trades) with BAE and LM, and Group Design Project:- Terrasoar LUAS (From concept to manufacture as Design Lead) with BAE Systems MA&I. (See my LinkedIn profile).

MSc Advanced Manufacturing Technology: - University of Portsmouth UK. Full-time 1996-1998, graduated 1998. Modules undertaken and passed (highest mark A):- CAD/CAM: Research Methods: Manufacturing Systems: Composite / Metallics Manufacturing Processes and Materials: Automation Robotics and Control: Project Management: Operations and Quality Management: Software Engineering and Data Communications. Individual Research Project: - Kamar Nail Removable Hip Implant design development and qualification test program development with McGrath Orthopaedics. (See my LinkedIn profile).

Open University BSc Modules: - Materials Engineering: Science: Product Engineering: and: Astronomy: from 1990 to 1995 all passed.

HND Physical Science of Materials: - Manchester (MoD sponsored): - Metropolitan University awarded in 1987.

ONC Metallurgical Studies: - (MoD sponsored) Southall College of Technology: awarded 1982.


Independent Research Project for submission to the AIAA July 2013 to date: - PRSEUS studies to reduce airframe weight and increase the damage tolerance in commercial aircraft airframe structures based on a wide body twin transport aircraft of my own design. I intend to use this research as the core to PhD studies in the limits of simulated design and analysis (See my LinkedIn profile).

CTS International Contractor for US posts Holder of In the National Interest EB-21 US permanent residence visa holder January 2012 to July 2013.

BAE SYSTEMS MA&I: - Senior Design Engineer January 1999 to December 2011: - Autonomous Systems & Future Capability Mantis Strategic UAV IPT: - Concept Demonstrator airframe major component design MLG / NLG and propulsion integration, to first flight, and production benchmark trade studies: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter IPT: -F-35A Horizontal Tail: F-35B Vertical Tail STOVL Weight Attack Team Lead developing novel solutions to reduce VT weight presenting to the JPO: F-35C Outboard wing test article design lead: Empennage flying article Build to Package senior designer: Future Concepts senior designer: Advanced Technology Demonstration Centre Warton:- Designer for signature reduction technology demonstration program / FOAS design team. In all projects I used Catia V5 /V4, team centre, and Metaphase and full ITAR cleared project contributions are in my LinkedIn career presentation (Left on mass redundancy). (See my LinkedIn profile).

Project research engineer September 1997 to December 1998: - Mc Grath Orthopaedics MSc Industrial Research Project Sept 1997 to April 1998, and then Contract design evaluation manager From May 1998 to end of 1998. (I left to join BAE Systems MA&I).

Research contractor 1995 to 1996: - Mechanical test engineer: - Vickers Trinova and Matra Marconi Space From 1995 to 1996. (I left on contract completion to take up MSc in Advanced Manufacturing Technology at University of Portsmouth).

British Aerospace Military Aircraft Division (BAE SYSTEMS) September 1990 to October 1993:- Brough Structural test facility STF: - Senior structural test engineer responsible for structural research and qualification new aircraft structural material concepts, Typhoon CFC / SPF structures, the development of test rigs, and the inspection and fatigue life damage repair concepts for the Harrier; Hawk; and Tornado wing full scale fatigue tests MAFT’s, and the tear - down inspection of Harrier from Sept 1990 to Oct 1993.

GEC Marconi Materials Ltd: - Low Observable Materials Research and development engineer from Jan 1989 to Sept 1990 (UK Eyes B).

MOD / UKAEA Scientific Civil Service 1978 to 1988 at the following establishments: -

1) RAE / DRA Farnborough, and RAE Bedford UK June 1987- December 1988.
2) UKAEA Salwick January 1985 – Oct 1985.
3) PERME Rocket Motor Establishment September 1982 – December 1984.
4) AMTE / NAMAL HM Naval Base Portsmouth and Fleetlands NAML  October 1978- September 1982.

Professional Awards:-

Chartered Engineer: - January 2006:
Incorporated Engineer: - June 2000 (until upgrading to Chartered Engineer 2006):
Senior Member American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: - April 2010:
Member Royal Aeronautical Society: - April 2001:
BAE SYSTEMS Chairman’s award for innovation: - 2005:
Lockheed Martin SOTVL Weight Attack Team award: - October 2004.


1) Mr Mark Dugdale: - Engineering Team Lead, Airbus UK Ltd, Broughton, Chester Road, Flintshire, Wales, CH4 0DR. United Kingdom:
2) Mr Dean Kelly: - Airframe Manager Taranis BAE Systems Military Air and Systems Warton Aerodrome Preston Lancashire PR4 1AX United Kingdom:
3) Professor J. P. Fielding: - Professor of Aircraft Design, Head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedfordshire MK43 OAL United Kingdom:
4) Professor Howard Smith: -Professor of Aircraft Design, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedfordshire MK43 OAL United Kingdom:
5) Professor Nick Bennett: - MSc Advanced Manufacturing Technology Course Leader Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering University of Portsmouth Anglesea Building, Anglesea Road, Portsmouth PO1 3DJ United Kingdom.

Personal details: -

Availability: - Four weeks from an offer of a position. No plans to retire for next 25 years.
Marital Status: - Married with no children.
Relocation: - Both wishing to relocate out of Preston and Lancashire.


  • Education (includes University Research Labs)

Professional Interest

  • Aircraft Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Society and Aerospace Technology


  • Cranfield University
  • University of Portsmouth


Cranfield University
Bedford, United Kingdom
MSc Aircraft Engineerig, 2007
Airframe Design CAD (Catia V5) / Structures FEA (Nastran/Patran) / Materials and Porcessing /Systems / Perorfance / Aerodynamics.
2003 To 2006
Dissertation: Advanced Interdiction Aircraft Conceptual Design.
Advisor: Professor John Fielding

University of Portsmouth
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
MSc Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 1998
Advanced Manufacturing Composite Structures; CAD: FEA: Advanced Metallics Processing :Robotics Simulation: MRP/MRE.
1996 To 1998
Dissertation: Design for Manufacture and Certification for NHS of Innovative Hip Implant.
Advisor: Dr Vince Hughes

Honors and Awards

Chairman's Award For Innovation
BAE Systems (BAE)

Chartered Engineer
Engineering Council (EC)

Incorporated Engineer
Engineering Council (EC)

STOVL Weight Attack Team Award
Lockheed Martin (LM)

Professional Associations

Senior Member / American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
2010 - Present

Member / American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
2001 - 2010

Member / Royal Aeronautical Society
2001 - Present