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New Grants Available for K-12 Educators

  • 1.  New Grants Available for K-12 Educators

    Posted 22 Oct, 2020 15:54
    Edited by Endri Lesha 18 Feb, 2021 16:39

    Supporting STEM education in our K-12 schools has always been an objective of the New England Section which we have met through various events. We recently opened up a community just for our Educator Associate members-we currently have 94 educators in our community, but hope to expand this group. If you know any local STEM K-12 educators in your area who are not already AIAA members, please invite them to join-there is no membership cost for K-12 educators! They can find more information about joining as an Educator Associate HERE.


    This year, we have additional funds available because of decreased activity elsewhere caused by the Covid-19 virus and are now accepting applications for two new grants (up to $250 each). The intent of these grants is to enhance STEM education in K-12 schools in the New England Section: VT, NH, ME, MA, and RI. This grant will be awarded to elementary, middle, or high school science teachers (or departments) to purchase supplies and/or equipment that would augment science experiments and/or mathematical and engineering-related activities in the classroom. It will not be awarded for items such as travel, conference registration, computers nor non-STEM facilities. You must be a current AIAA Educator Associate Member and a member of the New England Section to apply.

    The two grants available:

    1. General: a general one for all Educator Associate's schools
    2. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: an equal one for schools which are poorly supported and/or have economically disadvantaged students and/or will apply these funds in support of under-represented minorities.

    Please apply for only one of the grants. Each grant may be up to $250 for this year. We hope to fund multiple grants in each category. We are prioritizing the total number of grants to only one per school. These $250 grants from the New England Section is independent of the $500 grants available through the national AIAA Foundation.

    To apply:

    • Prepare a one (1) page proposal describing how you would use this grant to enhance science experiments, technology efforts, or engineering-related activities in the classroom.
      • The proposal should include:
        • Name of associate applying for the grant
        • Name of school
        • Statement of how the grant will enhance STEM education
        • Schedule
        • Associates' evaluation of impact (e.g. how many students would be affected, scientific knowledge improvements, etc.)
        • Total cost of the items to be purchased (broken out by individual items)
      • Submit your proposal to the New England Section STEM K-12 Officer, Mr. Endri Lesha (

    Educators who receive funding from AIAA-NE will be expected to:

    1. Summarize the use of the funds, how successful the effort was, and any lessons learned.
    2. Submit copies of appropriate purchase documentation.
    3. Acknowledge AIAA New England support in their activity reporting, presentations and elsewhere as appropriate.

    Questions Concerning this Grant:

    If there are any questions concerning this grant, please get in touch by replying to this message, or emailing me directly at

    Endri Lesha
    STEM K-12 Officer
    New England Section