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  • 1.  Last Farewell to Prof. Piotr Wolanski

    Posted 01 Sep, 2023 08:52

    Dear Community,

    It is with great sadness that I write to announce the passing of Professor Piotr Wolanski (Institute of Aviation, Warsaw, Poland and professor at the Institute of Heat Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology, retired). Below is a message from Michal Kawalec (Institute of Aviation, Warsaw ), one his closest collaborators in recent times. Please join me in remembering Piotr one last time for his long lasting contributions in the physics and applications of explosions, detonations and propulsion. We will dearly miss him.

    Dear Colleagues,

    It is with great sadness that I inform you that Professor Piotr Wolanski passed away yesterday (31st of August). He was an outstanding expert on detonation combustion and rocket propulsion. His research and considerations about space exploration had been a lifelong passion since his boyhood, and when he grew up he began to spread this fascination to people around him. His ingenuity, commitment, and sense of humor motivated us to work hard every day. He was a great support to his students and colleagues, who remember him with great fondness. Many of them have achieved significant success in their work, and all recognize that Piotr had a significant impact on their careers. Professor Piotr Wolanski was a gentleman scientist, an old-school representative, and a dedicated man.

    Therefore, now bidding farewell to our mentor and great friend, we ensure that we remember him every day by continuing his work.

    Michal Kawalec and Detonative Propulsion Division at the Institute of Aviation, Warsaw, Poland

    Mirko Gamba
    Associate Professor
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor MI

  • 2.  RE: Last Farewell to Prof. Piotr Wolanski

    Posted 12 Sep, 2023 21:54

    Dear esteemed members of the PGC TC,

    I am shocked to read of this news.  Professor Wolanski is a steadfast giant in many aspects of combustion and his contributions to PGC are renowned.  I felt a personal tinge of sadness as it was only a few weeks ago that I had an email exchange with him.  Truly, he is a gentleman scientist and readily shares his bountiful knowledge and wisdom.  I will miss him.

    Frank Lu

    Frank Lu
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Arlington TX