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Upcoming event October 1 & 2: NASA Challenge (hackathon) in Folsom

  • 1.  Upcoming event October 1 & 2: NASA Challenge (hackathon) in Folsom

    Posted 20 Sep, 2022 20:54

    Hi everyone. Did you see or hear? Our AIAA Sacramento Section is a Gold Sponsor for a unique and special event for EVERYONE in the Sacramento region happening on the weekend of October 1 & 2.

    It is the international NASA Space Apps Challenge. It is about much more than "apps." Anyone who wants to encourage creativity, innovation, and solutions using public data available from NASA is encouraged to participate. If you can't devote the entire weekend to joining a team, the event would benefit from you participating as a mentor or volunteer.

    Go to our calendar listing for the event, or contact our Secretary and a co-organizer for this event, Brett Hoffstadt (yours truly). (Most direct connection is my mobile: 210-753-0843.)

    NASA Space Apps Challenge - Sacramento

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    NASA Space Apps Challenge - Sacramento
    The FREE NASA International Space Apps Challenge (Space Apps) is an international hackathon for all
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    Brett Hoffstadt, PMP, FAA sUAS Remote Pilot
    Communication Lead, AIAA Diversity Working Group
    Secretary, AIAA Sacramento Section
    Folsom CA
    Author of "Success with Drones in Civil Engineering"