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Hello! My name is Ethan Och — I am a recent graduate of the aerospace engineering program at the University of Minnesota, and am new to the aerospace industry. My degree focus at the university was in aerospace engineering (unsurprisingly), but with supplemental minors in astrophysics and computer science.

At the present time, I am seeking employment in the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota for any of the following roles — aerospace engineer, systems engineer, software engineer, mechanical engineer, or test engineer. I am skilled with MATLAB and SOLIDWORKS, and know a variety of programming languages (such as C, C#, C++, Java, HTML, and CSS). I have experience designing PCBs in Autodesk EAGLE, as well as experience in the area of artificial intelligence.

Outside of the professional world, I'm interested in computer graphics and animation, and I'm a hobbyist electronic musician. I'm committed to STEM education and keeping people engaged and involved with STEM, and after I find stable work in my field, I plan to dedicate my free time to develop and maintain a STEM and music education YouTube channel.


  • University of Minnesota


  • University of Minnesota


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Bachelor's of Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics (BAEM), 2020
Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
2016 To 2020