2023 CFL Elections

The AIAA Central Florida Sections 2023 elections will be taking place from May 1-31st

The positions open for election are described below. If you are interested in learning more about any of these positions or other volunteer council positions, or if you would like to volunteer or nominate someone to run please contact AIAA.central.fl@gmail.com

Nominations are due by April 30th to be considered in the election. 

Responsible for representing the section to AIAA Region and National organizations, managing the team of volunteers and officers, and running the AIAA Central Florida Section.
Vice Chair: 
Responsible for assisting the chair in running the Central Florida Section and managing the team of volunteers and officers. 

Responsible for documentation of section activities, meetings, and processes. 

Responsible for managing the section finances.

Other positions available will be appointed by the newly elected board in June: 

STEM University 
STEM K-12  
Public Policy 
Communication/Social Media 
Young Professionals
Programs/Events Coordinator