Lunch and Learn: CFM Rise Program with Guest Speakers: David Ostdiek and Greg Steinmetz, General Ele

When:  Dec 1, 2023 from 11:45 to 13:00 (ET)
Associated with  Dayton/Cincinnati Section

Abstract: Building on four decades of investment that made engines cleaner, quieter, and 
more efficient, the CFM RISE Program accelerates the development of uncompromising 
new propulsion technologies that will pave the way for the next generation of aircraft and an 
ever a more sustainable future. Technologies matured as part of the RISE Program will 
serve as the foundation for the next generation CFM engines that could be available by the 
mid-2030s. The program goals include reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 
more than 20 percent compared to today’s most efficient engines, as well as ensuring 
compatibility with alternative energy sources like Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and 
hydrogen to provide even further emission-reduction sustainability benefits
Biography: Greg Steinmetz serves as the Chief Consulting Engineer for Advanced 
Commercial Programs. David Ostdiek is the Aerothermal Systems Design Leader for the 
RISE team. Greg’s current responsibilities include ensuring overall design quality, driving 
innovation, and sharing lessons learned/best practices for GE’s advanced commercial engine 
programs and technology demonstrator engines. Greg has a bachelors degree in 
Aeronautical Engineering from OSU and a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from UC. 
David leads the RISE program’s aerothermal system integration team with responsibility for 
Performance, Controls, Thermal Management, and Preliminary Design. David holds a 
Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from UD


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