Lunch and Learn at China Garden Buffet: Alternative Fuels/SAF Update with Dr. Paul Wrzesinski

When:  Dec 16, 2022 from 11:45 to 13:00 (ET)
Associated with  Dayton/Cincinnati Section
Abstract: Sustainable Aviation Fuels or SAF as it they are commonly known have be in use
since the 1920s, when carbon monoxide and hydrogen were converted into liquid
hydrocarbons using the Fischer Tropsch process. Over the past 20+ years development of
approaches to convert other carbon sources into liquid hydrocarbons, including aviation
fuels, has continued to evolve. Most recently, several U.S. government organizations have
issued the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge, with the goal of having 3 billion
gallons of SAF by 2030 and 35 billion gallons by 2050, to put aviation on the pathway to
full decarbonization. The presentation will discuss the approaches that are taken to get SAFs
approved for use, discuss the various SAF components that are currently approved, along
with those pending approval and provided information current initiatives.

Biography: Dr. Paul Wrzesinski is a Senior Research Chemist at the Air Force Research
Labs. Dr . Wrzesinski’s research focuses on the development of analytical methods to obtain
complex chemical information related to aviation fuel composition. In addition to these
efforts research also focuses on the utilization of the complex chemical information to
understand fuel properties and performance. Dr. Wrzesinski is the author of over 20 peer
reviewed papers and proceedings and numerous presentations in the area of fuel chemistry
and combustion.


China Garden Buffet
112 Woodman Drive
Dayton, OH 45431


Troy Hoeger