Lunch and Learn at China Garden Buffet: Commercial Aviation Contrails Climate Issues and Resolution

When:  Apr 7, 2023 from 11:45 to 13:00 (ET)
Associated with  Dayton/Cincinnati Section

Abstract: Aircraft engine condensation trails or contrails are of interest to military mission planners, meteorologists, climatologists and conspiracy theorists. Climatologists have been studying commercial aircraft for the past decade. Recently persistent contrails have been declared equal to CO2 impact on climate.  This lecture will start with a review of thermodynamic phase, state, vapor pressure definitions and psychrometrics (the science of water and air mixtures). The lecture will continue with basic contrail formation/dissipation process, contrail factor chemistry, contrail prediction techniques and the contrail forming characteristics of turbojets, medium, high bypass ratio engines. Public domain contrail detection, contrail avoidance and elimination techniques will be presented. The presentation will include a brief synopsis of current commercial engine contrail management activities.

Biography: Mr. Gary Wollenweber is Consulting Engineer-Infrared and Thermal Design for GE Aviation’s Engineering Division in Cincinnati OH.  Mr. Wollenweber’s primary responsibilities include engine infrared and visible signature, suppression design, technology integration, analytic assessment, measurements and leadership of infrared and thermal design product teams. Mr. Wollenweber has 45 years of experience in aircraft engine thermal design and has specialized on exhaust nozzle cooling and signature control technology since 1984. Mr. Wollenweber has Physics (Wabash College, 1974) and Mechanical Engineering (BS-Purdue 1975, MS-Purdue, 1977) degrees and is a registered Professional Engineer.


China Garden Buffet
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