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2023 AIAA SciTech Abstract Review Assistance

  • 1.  2023 AIAA SciTech Abstract Review Assistance

    Posted 03 Jun, 2022 09:57
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    GTE TC Members,

    I hope all is well with you.  My name is Drew Nix, Associate Professor at West Virginia University, and I am the Technical Discipline Chair (TDC) for the Gas Turbine Engines track at the 2023 AIAA SciTech Forum in National Harbor, MD next January.

    Yesterday was the deadline for extended abstract submission, and we have give 4-5 extensions until next week.  Deadline for Abstract Review is on a tight schedule, being due on June 30th (4 weeks from now).

    We currently have 77 abstracts, and I suspect that number will climb to around 82.  I need assistance with reviewing extended abstracts from the committee.  Please send me (Andrew.Nix@mail.wvu.edu) or my co-TDC Elhadi Bah (eaa.bah@gmail.com) an email or copy us both.  We hope that volunteers will review multiple abstracts (hopefully up to 5) to distribute the workload more effectively.  We have the following abstract breakdown:

    - Advanced Gas Turbine Engines and Cycles‚ and Gas Turbine Hybrids (Electric‚ Fuel Cell Systems etc.) - 11 abstracts

    - Advanced Manufacturing Concepts for Gas Turbine Engines Including Additive Manufacturing - 1 abstract

    - Combustors‚ Fuel Injectors‚ Alternative Fuels‚ Emissions‚ Fuel Flexible Combustion Systems - 31 abstracts

    - Engine Controls‚ Operability‚ and Propulsion Health Management - 4 abstracts

    - High-Fidelity Simulations‚ Including CFD‚ and Validation Experiments - 3 abstracts

    - Multidisciplinary Design‚ Analysis/Optimization of Engine Systems and Components (joint GTE/MDO) - 5 abstracts

    - Thermal Management‚ Turbine Blade and Combustor Liner Cooling‚ Materials‚ Coatings and Structures - 8 abstracts

    - Turbomachinery: Compressors‚ Fans‚ and Turbines - 7 abstracts

    - Other Topics in Gas Turbine Engines - 7 abstracts

    I need volunteers to come forward to review and you can select one or more technical areas and we can look at what papers remain at that time in each GTE Subtopic.  A list of abstract titles sorted by Subtopic is attached to this message.

    I thank you all in advance, as this is a community/committee effort and we need your assistance as TC members.  Thanks!!

    Andrew Nix
    Associate Professor
    West Virginia University
    Morgantown WV


    reviewer_abstracts.xlsx   20 KB 1 version