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SciTech 2023 - Drafting CFP

  • 1.  SciTech 2023 - Drafting CFP

    Posted 16 Jan, 2022 22:11
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    Dear all,

    Happy 2022! I hope you had the chance to recharge over the holidays and get ready for the new year ahead of us.

    We've just attended SciTech 2022 and it is already time to start thinking about SciTech 2023! Graeme Kennedy (Georgia Tech) and I will be the technical discipline chairs for MDO and we need your inputs/feedback regarding the call for papers. You can find attached a rough draft with the opening statements and the topics (bullet points). At this time, we would appreciate:
    • Suggestions (if any) regarding topics, and where it pays to have joint sessions. Keep in mind that we want to be selective with the number of joint sessions.
    • Suggestions for special sessions. On that note, if you have a special session in mind, you will be responsible for a lot of the work involved in making it successful. You will be tasked with: 1) reaching out to people you want to invite for contributing with papers; 2) finding ways to draw interest from the overall community (AIAA-Engage, LinkedIn, etc.); 3) minimizing the risk that the papers are from only a couple of groups; and 4) finding volunteers to eventually review submitted abstracts/papers and doing that on time.
    • Suggestions (if any) regarding the opening statements in the CFP.
    With regards to the timeline, suggestions received between now and 21-Jan-2022 will be accommodated to the best of our abilities. After that, it becomes very hard, as the material will be compiled and sent to Ann.

    Please feel free to reach out and let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you very much,
    Felipe Viana and Graeme Kennedy

    Felipe Viana
    Assistant Professor
    University of Central Florida
    Orlando FL