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Monroeville, Ohio Elem. Robotics Team Qualifies for Worlds

  • 1.  Monroeville, Ohio Elem. Robotics Team Qualifies for Worlds

    Posted 08 Mar, 2022 15:51
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    Hello Northern Ohio Section,

    I'm an AIAA Educator Associate, I teach math and science, and I coach an elementary robotics team in the small rural town of Monroeville, Ohio.  Our school robotics team consists of 6 smaller teams with 2-4 kids on each.  The kids have spent months and months designing, building, programming, and driving their robots in the lab and at tournaments.  After a successful tournament season, all 6 of our teams qualified to compete at the Ohio State Robotics Championship.  The team went to state ready to compete and won big.  Our win at state qualified 3 of our robotics teams to represent the state of Ohio at the World Robotics Championship in Dallas, Texas. 

    We are working hard to get the kids to Texas to compete (most have never even been on a plane).   We're looking for sponsorships, and donations from like-minded companies with a vested interest in inspiring kids to dream big and pursue STEM careers.  Our local area is void of industry, and the one manufacturer in our area has already donated to our team.  

    I'm hoping that our Northern Ohio Section members can recommend some engineering/robotics focused companies as potential sponsors.  If anyone is interested in sponsoring our team, please let know.  We're excited to represent our state at worlds, but we have a long way to go and can use an assist.   Here's a link to our robotics GoFundMe for individual donations.

    I also attached a team overview document.  We could really use some help if you have any ideas.  Thanks! 
    Monroeville Robotics - Worlds Expenses, organized by Adam Gerber remove preview
    Monroeville Robotics - Worlds Expenses, organized by Adam Gerber
    The Monroeville Robotics Club has three teams qualifying for the World Championships in Dallas, Texas, which will allow our students to interact and compete with like-minded students from all across the world! These are significant accomplishments but come with a heavy financial burden. The Robotics Program will be faced with upwards of $15,600 in expenses.
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    Michael Liptay
    5th Grade Math and Science Teacher
    Monroeville Elementary School
    Monroeville OH


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