Science & Engineering Fairs

Science and Engineering Fairs

The AIAA NOS has been sponsoring special awards at science and engineering fairs within the Northern Ohio region for several years. Our Mission is to encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers. We select winners for our sponsored awards but that is not all we do. We seek to use our interactions with the students to inspire and encourage them in their interest of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Particularly as it relates to the field of aerospace. Some words of encouragement or the spark of a new thought in a young student's mind can have an profound impact. At the same time, the curiosity, creativity, and passion of the young student's is inspiring to us. It reminds us all why we choose to pursue a career in aerospace. We encourage students to consider submitting projects related to aerospace. We also encourage working and retired professionals in the field to give back by supporting our future engineers and scientists by taking the time to encourage them. One way to do that is to volunteer to be a judge for our special awards.

2023 Support of Northern Ohio Science Fairs

Fair Information

The AIAA NOS continues to sponsor special awards at science and engineering fairs in the region. Cash awards will be provided for the best projects with relevance to the aerospace field. Special awards will be sponsored at the following events.

- Northeastern Ohio Engineering and Science Fair (NEOSEF) - Held at Cleveland State University on 3/14
- Northwest Ohio District II Science Day (NWDSD) - Held at the University of Toledo on 3/11

Judging will take place in-person at these events. Judging at will be split roughly across elementary/middle schoolers and high schoolers. The best project in each grade range will receive a cash award of $50. Two runner-up prizes for each grade range are planned to be awarded at each fair. Each runner-up prize will be $25.

The AIAA NOS is organizing volunteer judges for the event. We intend to continue to support these science fairs. Participants of future fairs are encouraged to consider a project with relevance to aerospace engineering and other related fields of study. 

2022 Winners

NEOSEF: 7th - 8th Graders

Place Name School Project Title
1st Jacob Rolda St. Mary Of The Falls How Do Different Mediums Affect How Light Is Refracted?
Runner-up Amaan Siddiqi Lake Ridge Academy Creating an Electromechanical Transducer
Runner-up Owen Conway Lake Ridge Academy Making A D.I.Y. Water Filter Straw

NEOSEF: 9th - 12th Graders

Place Name School Project Title
1st Justice Arai University School Developing Propellers with a Fringed Trailing-Edge Inspired by Owl Flight to Reduce Noise
Runner-up Alexander Kmetko University School Testing Hexagon Supports on an Airfoil to Make it Lighter
Runner-up Alexander Devine University School

Fruit Dye and Sunscreen to Solar Power: Testing Graphene as a Replacement for Indium-Tin Oxide in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

NWDSD: 5th - 8th Graders

Place Name School Project Title
1st Liam Anderson St. Rose Winging It: Investigating Glider Wing Shapes
Runner-up Joseph Williams Hilltop High School How the Diameter of a Baseball Bat Affects the Distance Traveled
Runner-up Deemah Alhmoud Toledo Islamic Academy To keep it warm

NWDSD: 9th - 12th Graders

Place Name School Project Title
1st Jasjeev Singh Sylvania Southview High School (Sylvania) A Novel Approach to Martian Electricity Generation Utilizing a Rust-Iron Battery
Runner-up Alice Lentz Put-In-Bay High School The Potential Applications of Algae Cultures for Oxygen Production in Extraterrestrial Environments
Runner-up Elise Denk Ottawa Hills High School

The Impact of Infill Type and Layer Height on a 3D Printed PLA Hinge

2021 Winners

NEOSEF: 7th - 8th Graders

Place Name School Project Title
1st Jacob Rolda St. Mary Of The Falls Does Temperature Affect the Speed of Sound?
Runner-up Michael Zhu Birchwood Ethanol vs Gasoline: Which fuel is more environmentally friendly?
Runner-up Gavin Bouffard Euclid High How Far Can A Two-liter bottle Fly?

NEOSEF: 9th - 12th Graders

Place Name School Project Title
1st Dmitry Lipert St. Edward High Adjustable Carburetor Intake
Runner-up Ruth Anand Home School Smart Robotic Arm for Manipulation - A force sensitive robotic arm that utilizes AI based vision system to grasp objects intelligently
Runner-up David Anand Home School Identifying Space debris from real satellites using an AI based vision system and RF signal detection

NWDSD: 5th - 9th Graders

Place Name School Project Title
1st Elijah Moore Trinity Lutheran School Magnetic Force in Different Liquids
Runner-up Isabella Marzano Ottawa Hills High Extending Shelf Life of Strawberries with Botanical Extracts

NWDSD: 10-12th Graders

Place Name School Project Title
1st Abdullah Muhammad Nasser Bounty Collegium Can Light and Magnets Make Spider Webs Move?
Runner-up Donald Adams Pettisville High 3D Modeled & Printed Drone Frame