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  • 1.  Section with a View: Super Blood Moon

    Posted 26 May, 2021 12:39
    Hello Adelaide Section!

    A little bird told us Australia had the best view of the super blood moon and eclipse last night! How was it? Did anyone get any good pictures? Here in the DC area we didn't get to see much - it was extremely overcast this morning. 😕 I promised my 6yo I would ask my "work friends" if they had better luck than we did. 💙

    Luci Blodgett
    Online Communities Manager
    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Reston VA

  • 2.  RE: Section with a View: Super Blood Moon

    Posted 27 May, 2021 20:35
    Hi Luci,

    I'm sorry to tell you that Adelaide had a cloudy night a couple nights back, so we didn't get a very good view at all.  A lot of friends in Sydney and Melbourne shared some nice photos on social media, so I reckon that the Sydney Section would be better to ask for some pics. 



    Patrick Neumann
    Chief Scientist
    Neumann Space
    Adelaide SA
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