• Brockton High - Empower Yourself MA, Summer STEM Program

    August 09, 2022

    Test Devices welcomed a group of students from Brockton High School in early August. As a part of their summer program, the students visited Test Devices to learn what they do as a part of the Aerospace industry. The event was organized through AIAA New England Section and Empower Yourself MA. Test Devices is a division of Schenck USA Corp; the company performs Engineering tests and outsourced production services at the Hudson site.

    The day started with a demonstration of a small gas turbine engine, followed by a tour of the Test Devices facilities, and concluded with a Q&A session with engineers and technicians over lunch. It was an exceptionally hot and humid day, but nothing deterred the students! They stayed focused, asked many good questions, and went home with a good understanding of how gas turbine engines and spin pits work!

    The visit positively impacted employees at Test Devices. The students’ enthusiasm and curiosity rubbed off on Test Devices engineers and technicians who interacted with them. It was particularly meaningful for the Brockton students to see themselves included in the diversity represented by the employees of the Test Devices community. It demonstrated Test Devices contribution and commitment to a great initiative in collaboration with educators like Cedric Turner.

    Cedric Turner is an educator currently based at Brockton High School, who founded the non-profit organization Empower Yourself MA to promote STEM and Financial Education to students in underserved communities.

    “An educated country with more engineers and scientists is a wealthy one that can provide our students with generational wealth.”

    Cedric believes a lack of exposure to STEM careers in the community has limited the student’s career paths and now the focus should be on preparing our students for the 21st century Jobs and careers (aviation, aeronautics, coding..etc.)   especially in their formative years. Most recently, he was nominated for and won the Trailblazing STEM Educator Award from AIAA for his ongoing work through his organization, Empower Yourself and his commitment to promoting STEM education.


    Presentation by Test Devices’ Michael Holman on Schenck Centrio 100 spin test machine.


    Peter Dentch, a summer internship student from WPI is describing a gas turbine control system to an inquisitive student (right). Test Devices’ President, Dave Woodford, and CTO and the AIAA New England Section Chair, Hiro Endo describe the types of work Test Devices do for the Aerospace industry (right).


    A group photo to wrap up the day!