• Red Rover, Red Rover: Send Curiosity Right Over- Mars rover program

    The AIAA New England Section is organizing an expert webinar session . Come and listen to Todd Barber  on his work at NASA JPL on the Mars rover project.

    Curiosity's mission to the red planet will be covered in detail. Topics to be discussed include a bit on the history of Mars rovers at JPL, the scientific motivation for Curiosity, and the preparations for launch two days after Thanksgiving in 2011. The science suite on board this one-ton mega rover will be presented, as well as the engineering challenges involved in getting Curiosity to the launch pad, traveling 352 million miles to Mars over 8.5 months, and ‘sticking the landing’following the so-called ‘seven minutes of terror’ on August 5th, 2012. Early mission science results will be presented as well, followed by pop-culture reaction to the rover landing

    Join us to hear from Todd Barber