• AIAA Region I student conference

    This year the AIAA Region I student conference (Region I is eastern Canada and northeastern U.S.) is being hosted by the student branch at the University at Buffalo.  Until one is hosted in Ontario or Quebec (which would be great) there will never be a better opportunity for our student members in Canada to attend an AIAA conference.  Please pass this email along to students, professors, and Aero and Mechanical Engineering departments that can spread the word.


    In addition to presentations of the student papers, the organizers have assembled a great program including:


    --  Tour of the Calspan Flight Research facility and dinner in their hangar Saturday evening.


    -- Keynote address Friday by Alice Bowman, Mission Operations Manager of the New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt.


    -- Remarks Saturday by Dan Dumbacher, Executive Director of AIAA and past NASA Program Director for the Space Launch System.


    -- Tour of Niagara Falls


    -- Optional tour of the Niagara Aerospace Museum.


    Because the conference is subsidized by AIAA and industry sponsors, attendance is also a very good deal.  The $50 registration fee includes two lunches, two dinners, and snacks during breaks, and following the conference attendees will receive a travel stipend of $75 by check from AIAA National.


    Registration information can be found here:



    Registration closes March 10th, but certain events may fill up well before then so don't wait.  We hope to see you in Buffalo next month!