• MIT AeroAstro Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation Committee

    Friday, October 1 from 11 AM - 12 PM EST.

    MIT AeroAstro invite you to a forum on Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation - Titled "A Conversation with Women of Color in Aerospace." The event will be held entirely virtual.

    Our speakers include MIT AeroAstro alumnae Krystal Arroyo-Flores, SB '13, Ayanna Samuels, SB '02, SM '05, and Dr. Aprille Ericsson, SB '86. Denise Phillips, the AeroAstro Diversity Officer, will be moderating this event. Our speakers will be discussing their career paths, the challenges they have faced as women of color in aerospace and STEM more broadly, and how they have overcome roadblocks along their journeys.