• AIAA-NE - Promotions of Distinguished Members.

    AIAA New England celebrates and congratulates the promotions of the following members of our community to the Associate Fellows!

    • Steven Barrett (MIT): For advancing aviation sustainability by improving scientific understanding of environmental impacts, and evaluating and developing technological, fuel-based, operational, and policy approaches to mitigating those impacts.
    • Luca Carlone (MIT): For fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of visual navigation and certifiable perception algorithms.
    • Melissa Choi (MIT Lincoln Laboratory): For sustained technical research and development leadership, aerospace systems and sensors analysis, and commitment to increased diversity and inclusion in the aerospace profession.
    •  Juan M. de Bedout (Raytheon Technologies): For significant contributions to technical leadership in aerospace engineering and technology.
    •  Alexander Edsall (Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.): In recognition of demonstrated success leading large-scale multidiscipline engineering teams, with achievements in concept formulation, planning, project organization, and organizational management, and being an expert on strategic GN&C.
    •  Yiannis A. Levendis (Northeastern University): For technical contributions to fuel combustion physics, chemistry, and diagnostics, and for educating engineering students in the fields of gas turbine combustion and air pollution.
    •  Richard Linares (MIT): For seminal contributions in space traffic management and space situational awareness and for the developments of LEO slotting, as well as service to the profession.
    •  Katherine Rink (MIT Lincoln Laboratory):
    • For contributions to, and leadership of, air and missile technology development, with expertise spanning systems analysis, tracking, estimation, optimization, electronic warfare, and radar analysis.
    •  Thomas Sebastian (MIT Lincoln Laboratory): For developing innovative concepts in advanced aerodynamics, propulsion, and other aerospace systems, combined with extensive STEM outreach to promote excitement in aerospace careers.
    •  Brian Yutko (The Boeing Company): For advancing understanding and leadership in improving the sustainability of air transportation and for developing new aircraft configurations and automation systems.

     Congratulations to the new Associate Fellows, and on behalf of the council, thank you for your commitment and contributions!

    Kind regards,
    Hiro Endo
    Section Chair - AIAA New England