• AIAA New England - Grants to Educator Associates

    Educators provide an invaluable service to our community - They are building the next generation of aerospace engineers & scientists. AIAA and its local organization (AIAA New England) would like to support our educators - And together we will inspire students to use what they learn today to innovate and invent tomorrow. AIAA supports educators through its Educator Associate program which offers two noteworthy services below:


    Educators Membership - A program offered by AIAA national organization.

    • Free to join for K-12 teachers and administrators who serve
    • Enhance your curriculum with easily digestible Aerospace Micro-Lessons available on our website.
    • AIAA can help your students with educational and career guidance.
    • Network with aerospace professionals in your local area and discover how they can help with classroom resources and local mentorships.
    • Access to our Online Aerospace Platform - Ask a question, give an answer, and participate in a discussion.
    • AIAA High School Student membership program:
      • Get your students to become a part of a community of students and aerospace professionals who participate in aerospace-related activities and competitions.
      • Also, the students will become eligible for STEM- and STEAM-based scholarships.
    • Educator Achievement Awards - Be recognized for your passion and achievement.
    • AIAA offers various grants for supplementing classroom activities and STEM projects.
    • To become a member or for more info visit our website:


    $250 Educator’s Grants - Offered by local AIAA group in New England area.

    • Grants to supplement purchase of teaching aid and material for student projects in STEM-related subjects. The grant is also available to promote DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) cause.
    • NOTE: The grant is not awarded for items such as travel, conference registration, or non-STEM facilities.


    For more info, please contact Charlie Wilson ( or Hiro Endo (