• 2022 AIAA-MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) – Cubesat Challenge concluded!

    The challenge attracted 43 team applications (~215 students, and 43 mentors) across the US, and selected 20 teams had entered the competition in early January 2022.

    The students have taken intensive coursework to learn how spacecraft work and how complex systems like satellites are engineered and put together. They worked together to learn at a rapid pace, built 1U Cubesat, and arrived at the final demonstration of their satellite on May 21. Despite the intense workload and challenges, 8 teams made it to the final and entered the competition. Hats off to your determination and grit – We’re sure it was not easy!

    In the final event, students presented the details of their CubeSat, explaining how different subsystems work together to accomplish the mission (detecting the plastic floating in the ocean), showcased their image processing codes, and creatively constructed demonstrations of the mission in various forms.

    Congratulations to the team Satickens – The winner of the 2022 AIAA-MIT BWSI CubeSat Challenge, and the four award-winning teams!

    • First Place Award: Satickens
    • Second Place Award: Satellite Warriors
    • Best Algorithm Design Award: Raiders
    • Best Presentation Award: Space Hunters
    • Best Design Review Award: HawkSat

    Finally, I would like to recognize the MIT Lincoln Lab staff for organizing the program and the many volunteers who supported the Challenge. A heartfelt special thank you to Rebecca Keenan who led the Challenge and BWSI Challenge Team (Bob Shin, Lisa Kelley, Joel Grimm, Scott Van Broekhoven) for your expert program coordination.

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