• AIAA NE Webinar- Model-based approach for Design and Analysis of Electrified Aerospace Propulsion

    The AIAA New England Section is organizing an expert webinar session . Come and listen to Dr Sunil Patil on the research and innovation aspects of hybrid electric propulsion systems, designing futuristic aircrafts, the technology and the fun involved.
    Fully electric systems such as Urban Air Mobility, and Hybrid-Electric propulsion present a great potential for Aviation sector's net-zero target. Electrification provides many opportunities with different trade-offs between range, fuel consumption, battery capacity, and thermal management. To explore the best potential of aviation electrification while ensuring safety requires a model-based product development approach. This webinar will provide market trends and technological advances for hybrid/electric aircrafts. Model-Based System Engineering approach to develop system architecture, and integrated safety analysis to accelerate certification efforts will be covered. Use of system modeling and simulation to explore various electrification concepts to come up with optimum system sizing and configuration will be explained with a representative regional aircraft model.

    Date: March 16th 2023


    Dr Sunil Patil is a Principal Engineer and the North America Industry group lead for Turbomachinery and Propulsion at Ansys. He is based out of Troy, Michigan and leads initiatives in the field of Sustainable Propulsion and Energy transition. He has been with Ansys for 10+ years, before which he worked at GE Aerospace supporting NextGen aircraft engine programs.