• YPSE 2019 Remarks

    We would like to thank everyone who attended and presented at the 2019 AIAA Region 1 Young Professionals, Students, and Educators conference – each of you did an excellent job! 

    If you would like to see the photos from the event, they will be posted on our Facebook page at by the end of the week. Please follow us!


    We would also like to recognize and congratulate the following individuals and groups who earned top honors at the conference.


    High School

    1st Place  - Sophia Majid - The Application of Proportional Navigation on Defensive Missiles

    2nd Place - Briana Segal - Analyzing Lift Characteristics of Delta Wings and the Impact of the Presence of Wing Tips

    3rd Place  - Madison Harris and Allison O'Brien - Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace


    1st Place  - Rachel Harvey, Peter Mnev, and Imran Khawaja - Robotic Habitat Technologies for Minimizing Crew Maintenance Requirements

    2nd Place - Jordan Fuse - Designing an Interactive Anomaly Response Training Tool to Improve Joint Polar Satellite System Instrument Anomaly Response Processes

    3rd Place  - Grant Birindelli, Eddie O'Neill, and Bailee Ward - Capabilities and Design of the On-Orbit Servicing CubeSat-Class Satellite


    1st Place  - Jonathan Lefebvre - Influence of Downstream Bluff Body on Hotwire Anemometer Measurements 

    2nd Place - Max Li - Analyzing Aviation Disruptions Using Graph Signal Processing and Total Variation

    3rd Place  - Alexandra Le Moine - A Preliminary Investigation into the Effects of Turbulence Modulation in Particle-Laden Gas Turbine Engines

    Young Professional

    1st Place  - Erin Sutton - Detection of Maneuvers with Wavelets and Deep Learning

    2nd Place - Austin DiOrio - Material Erosion in a Simulated Solid Rocket Exhaust Environment

    3rd Place  - Seth Kijewski - Early Operations of the Parker Solar Probe Propulsion System

    We hope everyone enjoyed the conference and look forward to seeing you all on October 16th 2020 for next year's conference!