• Empower Yourself - Student Rocket Launch Competition

    October 15th, 2022

     The Empower Yourself team (a group of students from Brockton High School and Mr. Cedric Turner) organized a rocket launch competition to promote aerospace science & engineering in their community.

    They gathered support from Estes Model Rocket company, MIT Lincoln Labs, High Power Rocketry Club from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and Test Devices.

     The event attracted over 200 parents and students. They enjoyed participating and watching the model rocket launches and STEM activities provided by the WPI and MIT Lincoln Lab teams - which included teaching them how to make a LIGHT SAVER (Star Wars).

     This event was also reported by CBS Boston and the national news.

     Mr. Turner wants to provide more kids and families in underserved communities with STEM opportunities and encourage more students to look into the career path in Science and Engineering.



     Mr. Cedric Turner thanked the contributors for their support and looks forward to expanding the initiative in the coming years.