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  • 1.  Resources for STEM teacher.

    Posted 04 May, 2023 14:44

    Greetings Everyone.

    I am a high school marine science and science research teacher at Edgewood JRSR HS on Merritt Island.  We have a very active science research program (working with student in developing science fair projects.  Last year we had over 130 student complete in our regional fair, 10 complete at the state level, and 1 is will be competing at the International level next week.  

    Our three biggest challenges are finding mentors to work with and coach the students on their project, funding for supplies, equipment (or access to equipment).  I thought I would reach out and see if this group's members could help in any way.  

    Ryan Cilsick
    Edgewood JRSR HS
    Merritt Island FL

  • 2.  RE: Resources for STEM teacher.

    Posted 04 May, 2023 19:48

    Hello, Ryan! 

    I am impressed by your research program! Which science fair do you compete at?  Our section provides a special award at each of the three science fairs in Brevard Co. so, I have had the opportunity to attend the science fairs. I am always really impressed by the students and their research projects.

    I think we can recruit some members to mentor your students. I have found AIAA members are more than willing to share their talents. Can you develop a list of the types of expertise you are looking for?

    We don't usually fund science fair projects but, you can apply for grants through the AIAA Classroom Grant Program ( ). Another source of funding for Science Research Projects is the Society for Science. They have several different programs that might fund equipment and supplies. Here is a link to their research grant page.

    Another option depends on the mentors we recruit. Some companies provide support to employees that mentor students. 

    I am happy to work with you on this project. 



    Melissa Sleeper
    Storm Grove Middle School
    NBCT, EA/Science
    Solar System Ambassador
    K-12 STEM Officer, AIAA, Cape Canaveral Section
    NASA eClips Educator Advisory Board Member

    Melissa Sleeper
    AIAA K-12 STEM Officer, Cape Canaveral Section
    MAVEN Educator Ambassador
    Solar System Ambassador
    Storm Grove Middle School
    Vero Beach, Florida

  • 3.  RE: Resources for STEM teacher.

    Posted 08 May, 2023 21:44

    Evening Ryan,

    Melissa answered this far better than I ever could have, so just to add on:

    AIAA offers up a mentor match program that you may want to leverage:

    I will also reach out to see if we can get a report of local mentors to the Space Coast Area.


    Kevin Johnson
    Jacobs Technology Inc.