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Small Satellite Education Conference Workshops - Bring your Laptop!

  • 1.  Small Satellite Education Conference Workshops - Bring your Laptop!

    Posted 27 Oct, 2023 22:31

    Day 1 of the Small Satellite Education Conference is on Oct 28th and there is still time to register at our website:

    We wanted to take the time tonight to highlight 2 of our 7 workshops that are available at no extra charge to attendees:

    Introduction to Machine Learning
    Presented by: King's College, London. Frank Soboczenski, Ph.D.

    This workshop is dedicated to training machine learning (ML) modes for cubesat mission objectives, including cutting-edge applications like earth observation, such as object detection. You can actively participate using your own laptop as we harness the power of cloud computing resources. Additionally there will be an opportunity for Q&A allowing you to delve into valuable insights and expert guidance on leveraging state-of-the-art ML tools and pipelines for student projects. Explore the possibilities with VSCODE, Google Colab, GCP, Docker, and Huggingface.

    Creating a High Altitude Balloon Program
    Presented by: maruSpaceTech. Jin Kang, Ph.D.

    Activities will include discussing what's involved in HAB projects, good practices, and how to plan your launch. The 30 min session will focus on having people learn how to use the online launch predictor/calculators and discuss elements that determine the launch and landing sites. The session will be interactive where the participants will follow along in running launch predictions. Please BRING A LAPTOP if you want to follow along!

    For more workshops, please visit our website

    Kevin Johnson
    Jacobs Technology Inc.