AIAA CCS 24Jan19 Council Meeting Minutes

23 Mar, 2019 13:22

Meeting Minutes For: AIAA Cape Canaveral Executive Council Members

January 24th, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda, 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Council Members in Attendance

Chairman: Matthew Zuk

Vice Chairman: Rachel Mocini

Secretary: Holly Petrucci

Treasurer: Taylor Dacko

Education Officer: Dr. Dave Fleming

STEM K-12 Officer: Taylor Fazzini

Public Policy Officer: Sharif Abdel-Magid

Career and Workforce Development Officer: Naveen Sri Uddanti

Young Professional Officer: Elizabeth Balga


Start: 7:03 pm


  1. Minutes
  • December 19, 2018 Meeting Minutes will be reviewed and approved electronically to give more time for feedback.
  • January 2019 Treasurer’s will be reviewed and approved electronically.
  • FIT Dinner Meeting
    • Student branch using PayPal for dinner meeting.
    • Matt will provide update needed for final numbers to caterer.
    • Guest Speaker, Greg Maholic (sp). Interstellar Travel.
    • Dinner Monday 5:30pm.
    • Find the link on the AIAA website.
    • Encourage people to attend. Hartley room.
    • Find the map on the FIT website.
    • Dave Fleming P.O.C.
  • Brevard Regional Science Fairs
    • Taylor Fazzini, K-12.
    • Need people to volunteer.
    • First fair Saturday Feb 2nd, Merritt Island. Feb 9, Merritt Island. Final one is the Feb. 23rd in Melbourne. (Dr. Fleming)
    • Need judges., Matt is sending out email to solicit more judges.
  • Word to the judges – need full student name to send proper invitation out and/scholarship check out.
  • Each scholarship is $200.00.
  • Divine Mercy Space Day
    • Held on Feb 14th. Thursday.
    • AIAA Cape Canaveral supporting, “Reach for the Stars” rocket competition.
    • 6,7,8th
    • Volunteers are needed to help judge this event.
    • Doug Moore will be running the competition.
    • 54 students. Each student launches twice. 3 launch beds set up. Measure from a pin in the middle of the field to the launch vehicle. Must be within 50 feet of pin to qualify for Nationals in both rounds.
    • National winning student goes to Huntsville, Alabama for Space Camp.
    • To know more about the space day event, link on the engage website.
    • Parents volunteered.
  • YP Symposium
    • Elizabeth – coordinating with YP’s to figure out an agenda, timeline to form a symposium/development day.
    • Late July early August.
    • Reference the section officers community - library, to form a committee.
    • Define it for our section. Verify policy and procedure – example given. Locate support under YP chairman/officer role.
    • Brainstorm a way to solicit representation from a few more companies. Soliciting donations/sponsorship.
    • Elizabeth-Email then add them to an informal committee.
      • NOTE: Student Conference in April
      • Key note speaker. Send out a survey to solicit topics that YPs should be learning for a value-added event. Naveen tag up with Elizabeth.
      • Naveen have anything please send to Elizabeth or Matt.
    • Spring Dinner Planning
      • Planning stage. Award type banquet to applaud our science fair recipients. (brain storming). Soliciting a point person to execute this event.
      • Programs director: Dennis. May, 2019 time frame.
    • Section Awards Rubric
      • New format for Cat 1 money we receive.
      • Supposed to be more transparent for our grading system and take the place for our annual report to include the section award.
        • Minimum tabs 1, 1a, 2, and 2a. rest of tabs are used for individual awards. Color codes – red mandatory.
      • Matt - put on google drive then send out link to share with team members.
      • Student Branch, Dr Fleming and Matt team up on this one.
        • Every committee person submit a draft and have it populated by next council meeting.
        • Next council meeting each officer can give their draft update on the section awards rubric.
      • New bylaws template. New governance model.
        • The council gave thumbs up.
        • The Region had no input. (generic - we are supposed to populate them section specific).
        • Example: Council has the power to set voting time lines.
      • Nominating committee will be initiated next council meeting.
    • Committee Reports
      • Contacts for student conference, requesting speakers setting & up tours. Rachel P.O.C. for the base. Dr. Fleming has contacts for Rachel.
        • Rachel has admin, table, table cloth.
      • YP N/A
      • Wednesday March 20th, 2019 is Congressional Visit Day.
        • Registration is free.
        • People on council follow up with Sharif start setting up meeting up in DC.
        • Travel subsidy apps are due 1 FEB.
        • Matt to Sharif: State need for subsidy.
      • Taylor Fazzini
        • Email from k-12 national director educator of the year award.
        • Heard podcast: challenger lessons.
        • All experiments and lesson plans looking onto working with local schools and ERAU teachers for a ‘reach and teach’ space school lesson plan.
      • Fleming: talked about the dinner meeting – please register.
        • Student conference- 2 student branches are meeting in Cocoa Beach this week.
        • Planning for tour.
        • Suggestions for sponsorship package needed for Dr. Dave.
        • Trying to locate Delaware North for processing the people on to the base (KSC).
        • April time frame. 2 categories – review papers and other judges to be on site.
        • Matt reached out to Blue Origin for a tour - Matt will reach out again.
      • Naveen - serving remotely from Boston. Have further updates in the coming weeks. Ideas - funding events. Invest some of the money $200-$300 a month using for scholarship purposes. Matt: chapter does not have operating funds to support.
      • Taylor D. -1099 issue. Jim as a speaker. $1000. Honorarium.
        • Considered an employee/employer relationship. Hitting a deadline.
        • Taylor - Having an issue getting in touch with Jim.
      • Taylor F. Next Gen propose strategy to learn more about AIAA for nonmembers
        • Reach out to former college friends - survey.
        • Matt - email the link out to send out to professional network


End meeting: 8:04 pm.



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