12/19/2018 Meeting Minutes

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December 19, 2018

Meeting Minutes For: AIAA Cape Canaveral Executive Council Members

December 19, 2018 Council Meeting Minutes, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Council Members in Attendance

Chairman: Matthew Zuk

Vice Chairman: Rachel Mocini

Secretary: Holly Petrucci

Treasurer: Taylor Dacko

Education Officer: Dr. Dave Fleming


Start: 7:03 pm


  1. Minutes
  • October 17, 2018 & November 14, 2018 meeting minutes were posted to the Engage website under the Cape Canaveral Section community library.
  • The December 2018 Treasurer’s report was received. Taylor Dacko will post to the Engage website under the Cape Canaveral Officers community library after the meeting.
  • Fall Dinner Recap
    • 75 people total included professional and non-members and students from F.I.T. & ERAU
    • Some Feedback Received: Attendees would have rather heard more about the moon landing than the film itself.
    • Matt recognized Rachel for here effort in executing the meeting, Great Job Rachel! Great gift idea.
    • Dennis has post pictures on the Google Drive and will work to post on the Engage site
    • Speaker honorarium comments: $1,000 honorarium fee.
  • We received notification from AIAA HQ that local chapter are not supposed to any honorarium fee when requesting reimbursement of travel funds.
  • A 1099 tax form must be filed, Taylor Dacko will complete this task.
  • Holiday Social Recap
    • Coordinated by Jake and hosted at the Playalinda Brix Project
    • 7 people members attended
    • Event advertisement posted on Engage, Facebook, and Twitter.
    • $100 spent on food and nonalcoholic beverages. Matt paid cash which he width drew from bank account.
    • Social Conversation: Booster landing in water. Couple new faces. No pics.
  • Brevard Country Regional Science Fairs
    • Organizer: Loren Kingsley from school district
    • Scholarships are $200 for the a single senior high school winner at each fair ($600 total)
    • Email and post on Engage to solicit for judges.
    • 1 fair per weekend Feb 2nd , 9th, & 23rd
    • A school official will announce the winner at each the award night.
  • Region II Student Conference April 4th - 5th.
    • International Palms in Cocoa Beach.
    • FIT and ERAU Student Branches will co-host.
    • Director Kurt Polzin needs support from local section.
      • Local section to support on site judges.
      • Don’t have to go to the conference; paper submission judges
      • Planning committee is meeting regularly, Matt and Dave are a part of it
      • Matt has provided contacts from 7 companies to gain some sponsorship.
    • Dave Fleming suggests arranging a tour at Blue Origin or KSC.
      • Tours may not accept foreign national students.
      • Coordinate a lot earlier for Students to get on a tour.
      • End of registration 18 February for conference.
      • Time needed to vet foreign nationals
    • CCTS Engineering Technology Showcase
      • Matt received correspondence from CCTS.
        • Inquiry for someone to chair the event.
        • We could help plan the event.
        • Matt contacted Naveen (Officer) and YP’s.
      • Joint Technical Society to have speakers to get P.D. Units.
        • Cross-functional Training.
        • Needs a chair.
        • Planning stages.
      • Divine Mercy Space Day. February 14th, 2019.
        • Reach for the Stars rocket competition
        • Past 2 years we have provided STEM support (mostly man power to execute activity)
        • Matt and Taylor think this is a good STEM outreach event
          • We agreed on a $250 donation to help buy rocket competition supplies
        • Pitched to integrate for 7 and 8 graders for the entire day.
        • Member participation is important, Kurt wants participation for this event.
        • Bob Cabana is invited to be the speaker.
        • O.C. is Doug Moore to supervise/execute the competition. Holly has contact info.
        • Planning meeting – Matt & Doug spoke with RFTS coordinator to get insight on the competition
          • Local winner gets a trip to Huntsville and a week at Space Camp.
        • Bylaws, Annual Award Template/Matrix
          • We have a new bylaws template.
          • Taylor Fazzini reviewed it on behalf of the section , no issued noted
          • Years past we do an annual report plus an award.
            • Now we have a Rubric.
          • Go to Engage - My Communities - Section Officers. “Library” under forms.
        • CAT III funding
          • Region II has received the 2018-2019 rebate from AIAA national.
          • Kurt is advocating for each section to submit 3 submissions by the end of the year.
          • $400-600 dollars for a new idea that will benefit the members to submit a Cat III request.
        • Committee Reports
          • Taylor – Remove “Bill McDonald” from bank account, Possible death certificate required?
          • Fleming. Email for the AIAA Essay contest Taylor Fazzini should have received an email.
            • Advisory board for the 2 student branches.
            • I.T & ERAU Alumni needed for an advisory board. 3-5 people to communicate to the student branches.
            • Rachel might support?
          • Appreciated Jim Hansen as Guest Speaker.
            • Matt get a hold of Sharif for bio cellular for payment information.

End of meeting. 7:36








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