11/14/2018 Meeting Minutes

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November 14, 2018

Meeting Minutes For: AIAA Cape Canaveral Executive Council Members

November 14, 2018 Council Meeting Minutes, 7:00 pm to 7:30pm

Council Members in Attendance

Chairman: Matthew Zuk

Vice Chairman: Rachel Mocini

Secretary: Holly Petrucci

Programs Officer: Dennis Dali

Public Policy Officer: Sharif Abdel-Magid


Start: 7:03 pm


  1. Minutes
  • Highlight the sponsors and pledge of allegiance Matt
  • Raffle if we have books. or scavenger hunt with trivia
  • Raffle drawing at the end after speaker
  • Gift for the speaker will be presented by Rachel part of the fabric from the insulation blanket/framed.
  • If we cannot find the book - Free ticket to the next dinner spring banquet
  • If Mr. Hansen does have books – set up table to sell books
  • Dinner tickets in with the badge holder.
  • When Mr. Hansen is ready, intro. Matt will say short bio about Mr. Hansen. After speaker is done, present him with gift.
  • Council business announcement’s.
  • Secure a date for holiday social.


  1. To Do’s & Side Notes
  • Name tags. Template from Matt to Rachel.
  • Lessons learned about seating chart.
  • In the past a sign was set up for Boeing.
  • Tablecloth, banner and event sign - Matt.
  • Audiovisual equipment.
  • Projector and Mic - Dennis.


  1. Future Events
  • Space Day - Divine Mercy. Man the activity table this year, Matt will do, “reach for the stars rocket competition”. We got a quote. 1077.00 for the rockets for entrance. Planning committee thinks it is a good idea. Taylor, k-12 Cape Canaveral sponsor $250.00 for this event. Looking for other funding. $250.00 (Matt doesn’t think it is a cat III eligible event). K-12 AIAA Sponsor this event – any objections? No. Pre-build for rockets the week before. 3 grades. 20 kids. Block out an hour for each grade.
  • Holiday Social, hoping for Elizabeth to post for YPs holiday social for a meet and greet.

7:36 end meeting







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Fall Banquet with author of "First Man". Key note Speaker, Mr. Jim Hansen. Discussion Space Day at Divine Mercy.

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