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  • Hello everyone!  Welcome to the WoAA community. If you are new, we'd recommend checking out some of the files in our library to learn more about WoAA.  Reply below introducing yourself, feel free to share where you went to school, what you are involved ...

  • Hello WoAA! I'm looking forward to connecting with this community, exploring more outreach activities, and connecting my underrepresented students with more opportunities to stay in STEM and excel in their careers.  I'm on the faculty at Iowa State University ...

  • Hi Gökçin, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the WoAA community! We are primarily run by students and young professionals, and our activities include things like starting local collegiate chapters, providing technical development to our members, ...

  • Hello everyone! My name is Gökçin Çınar and I am a research faculty at Aerospace Systems Design Lab at Georgia Tech. I work on aircraft systems design and integration with a strong focus on electric aircraft. I got my MSc and PhD degrees in Aerospace ...

  • Please join us for the second ASCENDxWebinar: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Aerospace Community and Workforce, Part II. Join us for a dynamic session focused on discussing the experiences of women in the aerospace community. Leaders from ...

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The Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics (WoAA) is working to increase women and other gender minority groups’ participation in the aerospace field through technical and professional development, mentorship, and outreach. WoAA is open to all women, gender minorities, and allies of those groups who are in aerospace or aerospace-adjacent fields. We are a trans-inclusive organization that welcomes individuals who identify as gender non-conforming.


  • Welcome to the WoAA Community!

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