The section holds elections each spring for the council year beginning June 1. These members currently serve on the council.

Officer Positions Elected Annually

Position Name Term
Chair Tracie Prater 2022-23
Vice Chair Marc Becnel 2022-23
Secretary Len Naugher 2022-23
Treasurer Alan Lowrey 2022-23

Council Positions Elected Biennially

Education Behzad Babamiri 2021-23 *
Liaison to Professional Societies April Potter 2021-23
Pre-College Outreach Robin Osborne 2021-23
Vice Chair Mobile Chapter - 2022-24
Honors & Awards Joe Majdalani 2022-24
Marketing Denver Powell 2022-24
Liaison to Student Branches Ian Slamen 2022-24
Membership Robert Tramel 2022-24
Public Policy Roy Hartfield 2022-24 *
Special Projects Linda Krause 2022-24
Young Professionals Christopher Kitson 2022-24

Ex Officio Council Positions

Immediate Past Chair Theresa Jehle 2022-23
Governance Advisor Matthew Hitt 2022-23
Webmaster Arloe Mayne 2022-23
Vice Webmaster Jason Pullias 2022-23
Newsletter Editor -

These partners are the section's interface to the regional and national organization.

Regional and National Partners

Region II Director Kurt Polzin 2020-2023
AIAA Staff Liaison Lindsay Mitchell