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About the Greater Huntsville Section

The Greater Huntsville Section is one of the largest Sections in AIAA with over 1,000 professional, student and educator associate members across the states of Alabama and Mississippi. The Section conducts regular activities spanning the continuing education, professional development, pre-college outreach, public policy, college student and technical functional areas. Activities range from technical skills development classes, lectures, and industry and history tours to networking, public policy and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) outreach events. The Section supports STEM scholarships, science fair and engineering design competitions. Greater Huntsville organizes and conducts Engineers Week activities as well as local and national public policy events to promote the aerospace industry and engineering profession.

The general membership meets monthly with distinguished speakers on topics related to aeronautics and astronautics such as aviation history, science, engineering, defense programs, propulsion, and human space flight

Contact Info
Greater Huntsville AIAA Section
PO Box 7208
Huntsville, AL 35807

Section members and friends on Spring hike at Monte Sano Mountain