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Career guidance and Job Opportunities for Aerospace Professionals

  • 1.  Career guidance and Job Opportunities for Aerospace Professionals

    Posted 26 Oct, 2020 14:33
    Join us for the following event.

    : Career guidance for Aerospace Engineers and Job Opportunities

    Objective: AIAA GHS is organizing a virtual panel discussion consisting of senior engineering personnel as well as senior HR personnel from major defense contractors within the Greater Huntsville Section. The purpose of this 2 hour panel is:

    • To provide guidance to aerospace engineers (early-, mid-, and late- career) on career opportunities during the job-market heavily influenced by COVID-19 pandemic.
    • To inform about the job market needs in areas such as defense industry, space industry, government and academia.
    • To learn about how to search jobs when your skill-sets or degree does not appear to be directly applicable.

    The panelists will be interacting with the participants via live Q&A facilitated by the panel moderator, Dr. Ragini Acharya from AIAA Greater Huntsville Section.

    RSVP by clicking on the link.

    Only one person can RSVP with one login. If you wish to RSVP for multiple people, email with Names, Email id's of everyone you wish to RSVP.

    The Panel will consist of the following members:

    Dr. Jennie Horne  
    Raytheon Missiles and Defense

     Dr. Robert Hiers III
    QuantiTech, Inc.

    Dr. Erik Nielsen

    Northrop Grumman

    Dr. James Meehan

    Mr. Shane Prestegard

    Dr. Ragini Acharya
    Panel Moderator

    Ragini Acharya