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  • 1.  By-Laws Vote

    Posted 24 May, 2022 09:36
    I was wondering about the by-laws were the # of votes, # of members that didn't vote, # for etc  able to be shared?

    Take Care,
    Carlton Corbitt

  • 2.  RE: By-Laws Vote

    Posted 26 May, 2022 08:38
    Edited by Tracie Prater 27 May, 2022 01:07


    Per Robert's Rules (as I understand them), the teller's committee report on bylaws voting should be posted in the April meeting minutes of the council.  These minutes would be approved by the new council at the first meeting in June and archived on our Engage site.  

    Here is the information reported by the teller's committee (caveat that the meeting minutes this information should appear in are forthcoming).  The teller's committee was led by the secretary with two other members of the section on the committee who were appointed by the council. 
    I am sharing this here because multiple people have asked for the results summary.     

    84 total votes

    2 votes were eliminated.  1 was a "no" vote whose AIAA membership had expired; 1 was a "yes" vote who had moved from the GHS area and was no longer assigned to our section.  

    Of the 82 votes deemed by the teller's committee to be valid, the breakdown was:

    Yes 42/82   51%

    No  40/82  49% 

    *posted as AIAA GHS vice chair*

    Tracie Prater

  • 3.  RE: By-Laws Vote

    Posted 28 May, 2022 11:45
    Thank you Tracie for sharing these results with the whole chapter

    82 current chapter members voted,   seems very low turnout to me
    How many AIAA members are there in our chapter (covers such a large area AL & MS)?

    Take Care,
    Carlton Corbitt

  • 4.  RE: By-Laws Vote

    Posted 30 May, 2022 08:21
    We have about 750 professional members.

    Tracie Prater