The Mobile Chapter of the

The Mobile Chapter of the AIAA is the first Chapter in the Greater Huntsville Section, and one of the few in AIAA.  Its purpose is to serve AIAA members within the Mobile area by providing a way for those members to get together for lunchtime programs and other activities.  Chapter members remain members of the Greater Huntsville Section, but the Chapter provides a way for them to be active locally within an AIAA context.

The table below lists contacts in the Mobile Chapter and the Greater Huntsville Section officers and webmaster.  Feel free to contact any of these people with questions about the Chapter, the Section, or AIAA.  Information about the AIAA can be found at the AIAA website, and about the Section at the Greater Huntsville Section website

Mobile Chapter Contacts Click to Contact via email
Vice-Chair for Mobile Chapter Open
Greater Huntsville Section Officers  
Chairman Teresa Jehle
Vice-Chair Tracie Prater
Secretary Stephen Hayden
Treasurer Joseph Huwaldt
WebGuy Arloe Mayne