Meeting Presentations

A Potpourri of Presentations from
the Greater Huntsville Section's General Meetings,
Section Documents, etc.

Meeting Presentations

March 2018 presentation by Dr. Ed Kraft: Digital Engineering – a Disruptive Transformation of Aerospace and Defense Tools, Processes, and Culture

January 2018 presentation by BG Robert L Stewart (USA ret.): Aeronautics or Astronautics. Why must We Choose?

September 2017 presentation by Mr. Daniel Wade, Aviation Engineering Directorate: Using Data Science to Improve Air Safety

August 2017 presentation by Dr. Michael D. Griffin, Aerospace consultant: Difficult Decisions from a career in Aerospace

October 2017 presentation by Dr. Tom Percy, NASA MSFC: Mars Exploration

December 2017 presentation by Mr. Myron “Mike” Pessin: Space Shuttle History - Super Lightweight External Tank Development

November 2016 presentation by Russell (Russ) Lewey,Col, USAF (Ret): The B-52, Boeing’s Stratofortress, a Half-Century of Excellence

October 2015 presentation by Mr. A. W. Mayne III: Acoustics Overview and Aerospace Acoustic Test Systems Short Course

July 2014 presentation by John Fay, Technical Fellow, Jacobs TEAS Team: Selected Problems in Dynamics: Stability of a Spinning Body & Derivation of Lagrange Points

Section Documents

Section Bylaws 11 April 2022

Policies and Procedures of GHS April 2022

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