Hampton Roads

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  • 1.  AIAA HRS Election Results

    Posted 16 May, 2023 07:09
    The section has completed voting for the coming term's Hampton Roads Section officer corps and council members. The list of electees is below. 
    • Chair: Matthew Galles
    • Vice Chair: Alejandro Pensado
    • Treasurer: Mary Houston
    • Secretary: Patricia Revolinsky
    • Council (alphabetical order):
      • Linda Bangert
      • Rohan Deshmukh
      • David Dress
      • Christopher Karlgaard
      • Rafael Lugo
      • Latunia Melton
      • Stephen Rizzi
      • Dave Throckmorton
      • Sally Viken
      • Eric Walker
      • Richard Winski
    Congratulations to all those elected, and we thank you for your willingness to volunteer! Here's to another great HRS term.

    Soumyo Dutta
    NASA Langley Research Center
    Newport News VA