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  • 1.  Growing food on Mars!

    Posted 25 Nov, 2022 18:38
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    So my 8th grade engineering design class participated in the Martian Greenhouse 3.0 project.  Students were to come up with an idea on growing food on Mars for hungry visitors.
    My students researched, designed, and built hydroponic systems to grow food.   Through the Cubes in Space program, they were able to send vegetable seeds to near space on board a NASA high altitude science balloon trying to protect the seeds from radiation and temperature changes.  They will see if these seeds will grow and produce.  Here is a video we put together.

    [Peter] [Tlusty]
    [Prek- 8th grade Technology Teacher]
    [NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador]
    [Henrico] [Virginia]

  • 2.  RE: Growing food on Mars!

    Posted 27 Nov, 2022 08:45
    So cool to see what our educator associates are doing! Thanks for sharing!

    Amanda Chou
    Research Aerospace Engineer
    NASA Langley Research Center
    Hampton VA